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Behold, Our Justice League!

It’s never too soon to start the hype machine, so here is our first ever look at the entire movie Justice League! It’s only concept art for now, but this is it!

Is ‘Dawn’ really the strongest word they could come up with?

The art is to promote an upcoming TV special about building the movie Justice League, which is part of the larger media blitz for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is our first official look at Cyborg and Flash, even if it’s not a very good look. But this could be a lot worse!

Also, now that I think about it, does anybody else find it a little weird that, after the Big Three, the most promoted DC superhero at this point is Aquaman? To be fair, I’m super excited for Jason Momoa’s performance, but still, Aquaman? You’ve got Flash and Cyborg waiting in the wings, but you’re leading with Aquaman?

Just kind of interesting, is all.


Batman v. Superman Brings the Everything

We were teasered earlier this week, and now the full brunt of the latest Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has arrived!

It’s pretty good. There’s a lot given away in this trailer. We see Clark and Bruce meet for the first time, we see why they go to war, we see how Lex Luthor responds, we see Doomsday, who’d only been rumored up to this point, and we see Wonder Woman’s arrival in response to Doomsday. That’s kind of the whole movie, right?

Captain America v. Iron Man: Dawn of War still leads the pack for me!


Prepare to be Teasered!

Apparently, the new Batman v. Superman trailer will premiere Wednesday night on the Jimmy Kimmel show…which is also where the new Captain America v. Iron Man trailer premiered last week. What is up with Jimmy Kimmel as the go-to place for superhero trailer premieres? Stephen Colbert needs to get on that. At any rate, a short teaser of that trailer was released last night.

Man, these teasers of trailers are getting a little annoying. Just show us the darn trailer! Of course, by posting the teaser on my blog, I’m doing exactly what the teaser was designed to do. I’m part of the problem, people!


It’s The All Singing, All Dancing Batman!

First he sang the metal, and it was great. And now Batman sings Taylor Swift in this excellent song parody by the How It Should Have Ended peeps!

Good times all around!

And if you really want your fix of Batman v. Superman cartoons, check out this mini-battle by¬†Stephen Byrne. It’s short but it’s sweet…unless you love Batman.

Me personally, I’m definitely in the camp that Batman can beat Superman, given the right circumstances. Batman has no limits!


This Joker/Jason Todd Theory is Hogwash, I Tells Ya!

A big theory about the Joker in the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe movies has been making its way around the Interwebz, and I figured I might throw my 2 cents onto the pile. Why else have a comic book-based blog if I’m not going to throw two pennies at all the comic booky things?

The theory is that the Joker in the upcoming movies will be a former Robin, driven insane. The biggest piece of evidence found so far to support this theory is a seemingly matching set of wounds on the teaser image of the Joker from Suicide Squad and the tattered Robin costume in the latest trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I’m still torn up about the dead Robin thing…

I believe some folks on Reddit discovered this, to give credit where it’s due.

There are other bits and pieces of so-called evidence around the web. Mr. Sunday Movies has a pretty solid recap of everything on Youtube, or if you can’t watch a video, check out this article at Den of Geek. The theory gains further traction from the fact that, in the Dark Knight Returns universe in the comics, Dick Grayson does indeed go mad and turn into a new version of the Joker. But this happens in that comic’s sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, which everybody hates.

Simply put, I think this whole theory is hogwash for one simple reason: DC and Warner Bros. are not going to re-invent the Joker.

They are on the verge of launching this whole DC Cinematic Universe thing, with rumors circulating of a new Ben Affleck-driven Batman trilogy, which will likely involve the Joker. He’s one of their big draws, a major player in the fandom. The big wigs would love nothing more than to recreate the fan reaction of Heath Ledger’s Joker.

So I just don’t see anybody signing off on this kind of alteration to the Joker. It’s creative, sure, but it might be a little too creative for comfort. I’m sure everyone wants the normal, old Joker, without any weird twists or surprises. Keep it simple, stupid.

Also, for my money, that tattered Robin costume is from Dick Grayson. Just because Jason Todd is the Robin who died in the comics does not mean they’ll carry that over to the movies as well. That’s another of my two cents.


What do you henchies think? Are you buying this theory at all? Or do you agree that it’s all just some crazy fan speculation? Let me know in the comments!


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