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Danny DeVito and Aubrey Plaza are Making a Cartoon!

I am a fan of random adult cartoons that show up on streaming services and various channels. I’ve watched Inside Job, Chicago Party Aunt, Solar Opposites; and now I have Little Demon to look forward to from Danny DeVito and Aubrey Plaza!

Looks both tame and interesting. So it’ll fit right in among those other shows I mentioned, and probably a dozen others that I’ve since forgotten I watched. But FX usually makes good stuff. And if Danny DeVito wants to make an entire cartoon show just to get his daughter a starring role in something, I’m all for it! The man can do no wrong.

Little Demon arrives on FXX and Hulu on Aug. 25. So I have a month to forget it even exists.


Daria’s High School Reunion

Anybody else watch Daria when you were younger? I loved that show! Even more than Beavis & Butthead.

Leave it to College Humor to be both awesome and nostalgic. Though why Quinn would be involved in Daria’s class reunion doesn’t make any sense. Silly College Humor. At least they nailed it with Aubrey Plaza as Daria. Good times with that one.

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