6 Characters I’m Willing to Let Die in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is coming out this week and I am very excited! It’s gonna be a blast, and I even took the day off from work so that I can go to the early Thursday afternoon showing in my local theater! But the awesomeness comes with some bittersweetness, as this will be our last adventure with these Guardians. James Gunn is moving on to other pastures and has said he’s done. So even if Marvel continues the franchise, it’s going to be entirely different, probably.

And everybody is pretty sure that a lot of Guardians are going to die

What a bunch of a-holes

Now, I don’t want anybody to die. I don’t require character deaths to give a movie stakes or real emotion. But death is probably inevitable in this movie for someone. So who could I handle dying? If somebody has to die, will I be OK if certain characters bite the dust over others? I’m going to have to be! This might be a morbid list, but fate has brought us to this point, and some of these characters are going to have to face the music.

Join me after the jump for the six characters I’m willing to have die in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

6. Drax

It’s OK that he’s funny

I don’t want Drax to die. That would be very said. But Dave Bautista has said he’s done with the character and never really liked his character development. So if Bautista wants to go, I’ll be happy if he gets a big, dramatic, awesome death scene. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed Drax’s character development. Yes, he became more comedic than a destroyer, but that is his character arc. He started out the franchise as violent and focused on getting vengeance for the murder of his family. But then he found a new family, got some degree of vengeance, and he was able to be comfortable and funny. Truly it would take a person with a heart of pure stone to not be melted and made comfy by the Guardians found family. But if Bautista wants to go, I can let him go.

5. Adam Warlock

You’re unnecessary without Thanos

We’re only just now getting to meet Warlock, so I’d be perfectly fine if he died. I’m sure he’ll be a fun character with a lot going on, and I’m sure he could have a future in the MCU, but if death has to strike, let’s take out this dude right away. No big loss.

4. High Evolutionary


Let’s kill the High Evolutionary, too! I know Marvel has had a problem sometimes in killing villains, and that can be a shame sometimes, but if someone has to go, let’s kill off the High Evolutionary. I bet we’re really gonna hate the guy! So perhaps we’ll be happy to see him go. For what he’s apparently done to Rocket, let’s ground this guy into dust!

3. Groot

He’s really buff now

We lost Groot once before and a new version of him — or his son — came back. I’m willing to let that happen again. Baby Groot, Teen Groot and now Buff Groot have been fun, but if they need to go out in a sacrificial blaze of glory again, I’d be OK with that. I don’t know if anybody else would. They have raised this little guy, and that would be pretty sad for everyone else. Man…maybe this one shouldn’t be on the list. They’d lose their son!

2. Kraglin

He’s done good

Kraglin is a fun guy, but he’s also expendable. Who doesn’t love Kraglin? He’s had a great journey. He was really great in the Holiday Special. But he’s not going to break too many hearts if he dies. Well…that’s not true. It’ll break my heart. But I’m ready to let him go if he goes out in a blaze of glory. He’s done his captain proud.

1. Rocket

He’s gotta come back for the Young Avengers

OK. Deep breaths. Is Rocket Raccoon going to die? He’s being set up to die. James Gunn has always said that Rocket is the true heart of this franchise, and this movie features his origin story. So it would make sense if he sacrificed himself in some great way in the end. And I’m…I’m…no, I’m not! I’m not OK with that! I don’t want Rocket to die! Strike this entire list! I’m not ready to let go! My heart can’t take it!

I’m not ready.


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