WandaVision is a Terrible Way to Introduce Mutants to the MCU

I have very much been enjoying WandaVision on Disney+ week in and week out. It’s a fun, exciting, tense, mysterious show, and I’ve been having a blast! That being said, I think WandaVision is a terrible way to introduce mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not a mutant in the MCU

Along with watching every episode of WandaVision, I’ve also discovered the entire cottage industry on YouTube of reaction videos. I hope people are making good money on this stuff! And I’m reading reviews and recaps and message board comments. There’s so much talk out there about WandaVision, and I have plenty of my own theories, but there’s one fan theory I want to squelch if I can: there is no way WandaVision will or should be the introduction of mutants into the MCU proper.

No spoilers in this opening section! So join me after the jump for more. And expect FULL SPOILERS for WandaVision up until this point (episode 6).

So let’s get started. This fan theory basically stems from two points:

Pietro and Monica

Love the costumes

The first major point is that Wanda has brought her dead brother back to life on the show, but he’s played by actor Evan Peters, who famously played Quicksilver in the X-Men movies. Six episodes in, we do not yet know what to make of this casting. Episode 6 establishes pretty firmly that Pietro isn’t just Peter Maximoff plucked out of the X-Men movies and brought to Westview. There’s something else going on. But Peter Maximoff was a mutant…so what’s this Evan Peters version of Pietro? Does his appearance in Westview mean mutants are now in the MCU?

The second major point is that Episode 6 revealed that Monica Rambeau”s biology is changing. Darcy took a look at her medical results and said that Monica passing through the barrier twice is rewriting her DNA. Could this be giving her mutant powers? And does that also mean that all of the residents of Westview now have mutant powers and will, therefore, spread out through the rest of the MCU to be mutants?

I think both ideas for the introduction of mutants are garbage ideas.

Mutants don’t work that way

So here’s why I think either option is a bad way to introduce mutants into the MCU: they defy the very point of mutants in the first place!

Mutants are the next stage in human evolution. We all know this. So it would defeat the point entirely if mutants were the result of magic. Either magic bringing them in from another dimension or passing through a magical barrier.

That’s why the citizens of the Marvel Universe love the Avengers but hate and fear the X-Men. The Avengers get their powers through various means that people can understand. Whereas the X-Men get their powers from nature simply taking its course, from a biological imperative that’s going to replace regular humans. Hence the hate and fear.

All of them, hated and feared

Remaking the entire X-Men franchise as part of the MCU is going to be a huuuge undertaking. And I imagine the reason we haven’t heard a peep about it yet is because it’s planned for far in the future. I’m sure Kevin Feige and his brain trust are already working out how to make it happen, but it’s not going to happen for a while. I’m sure Feige and Disney want to do it right, want to do it from scratch, and want to do it completely separate from the Fox X-Men movies.

There is no possible, conceivable way that Feige and Disney are just going to fold the Fox X-Men movies into the MCU. It’s not gonna happen.

The first far simpler answer is that Evan Peters is either just an Easter Egg of casting or he comes from a different dimension in the Multiverse. Possibly the Fox X-Men dimension? Yeah, that’s totally possible. But that doesn’t mean the Fox X-Men movies are going to merge with the Disney X-Men movies. It just means Wanda (or somebody) can access people from the Multiverse.

I think it’s very possible that Feige and Disney might say that the Fox X-Men movies (and the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies) are just alternate dimensions out there in the Multiverse. But they’re not the MCU itself.

And the second far simpler answers is that passing through the barrier is how Monica gets her powers. Remember, Monica Rambeau is a superhero in the comics. They’ve already established “Photon” as her mother’s call sign, so I’m sure she’ll take that as her superhero name. And Monica Rambeau in the comics is not a mutant.

Don’t look at me, I don’t know your origin story

Also, the citizens of Westview haven’t necessarily “passed through” the barrier. The barrier was erected around them. So there’s no reason to believe the DNA change is effecting them like it is Monica. Also, are you going to tell me that the likes of Scott Summers, Charles Xavier, Magneto, Wolverine, Jean Grey and Jamie Madrox are all living in the same New Jersey suburb circa the 2010s? Get outta town!

For all of WandaVision‘s awesomeness and mysteriousness, the simple answer is that this is not some trick to backdoor mutants into the MCU. All we’re seeing here is the origin of Monica Rambeau and possibly the introduction of the Multiverse. And that should be good enough for all of us.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. Also, I think Agnes is definitely Agatha Harkness and is part of this somehow. I don’t think it’s Mephisto, but it might be Nightmare…


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