Multiple Man is on Krakoa…and is Instantly Killed!

Welp, I finally got my Madrox sighting in Dawn of X! Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man, my favorite character in all of comics, has made his first appearance as part of the big X-Men relaunch in X-Force #4.

Where he’s promptly killed. And is shown to be wearing his dumb original costume.

Madrox Killed DoX 01

Marvel just loves twisting the knife!

Thankfully, that’s just a duplicate. There’s dialogue in the rest of the issue stating that Jamie Prime is still alive. We don’t get to see him, but I’ll take what I can get. Multiple Man is back!

But seriously, what’s with the old costume? When Multiple Man was leader of X-Factor, with Peter David writing, that comic ran for 100+ issues! When was the last time an X-Men comic ran consistently with the same creator for that long? PAD made that comic work, and Multiple Man is a hugely popular character!

Why the hell would you ignore the past decade of Jamie Madrox character development by putting him back in that old costume? And why keep killing him?!

I’m just not allowed to have nice things. Though this issue also mentions Shortpack, another favorite obscure mutant of mine who didn’t make my list, but is fun to see regardless!


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  1. I wanted to punch the monitor so hard when I saw this. Who did Peter David piss off? They consistently mangle this character.

    • It makes no sense to me! Fans like this character! I’m still holding my breath to find out if they resurrected the actual Multiple Man or the dupe replacement from the recent mini-series. Knowing my luck, and Marvel’s treatment of the character, it’ll probably be the latter.

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