Multiple Man Exists to Be Slaughtered, Apparently

I consider myself the go-to spot on the internet for Multiple Man news. If there’s a better website, I haven’t seen it. I’m the go-to place to find out how Multiple Man is doing in the Dawn of X era of the X-Men franchise.

Turns out, he exists only to be slaughtered en masse.

Even when he’s being a hero

I have been keeping a close eye on all of the Dawn of X comics in order to catch whenever and wherever Multiple Man shows up. Part of that is to try and solve the Multiple Man Mystery, as to whether or not this is the one true Jamie Madrox resurrected. The other part of that is he’s just my all-time favorite comic book character, and it’s nice to know he could show up and be in a story again. He was dead for a good, long while.

And now he just keeps getting killed again and again. Or at least his duplicates do. Of the few appearances Madrox has had in Dawn of X so far, he’s mostly had his duplicates slaughtered for one reason or another.

There was his first Dawn of X appearance in X-Force #4 where his dupes were killed.

Looks like it hurts

And now this week has seen two appearances in two different comics! Multiple Man showed up in Empyre: X-Men #3, where it’s actually a story point that a bunch of his duplicates are killed.

They become zombie food

And then a bunch more duplicates showed up in X-Force #11 to get gunned down.

These ones are super skinny

Multiple Man just can’t catch a break. Thankfully, Madrox Prime has not been killed yet. He’s having his first starring role in Empyre: X-Men and all signs in that comic point to him being the real, true Madrox Prime. So that’s good. So I’m pretty pleased as a fan.

But who would have thought the cost of getting him back in comics would be watching his dupes hopelessly slaughtered over and over again?


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  1. You are my Multiple Man/Strong Guy resource center. Thank you for being you.

  2. I still feel we haven’t seen the Madrox we left back at the end of X-Factor. As far as Im concerned he’s still on the farm with Layla and their child. Who we still haven’t seen, which I feel lends even more credence to this. He’s going to show up pissed off that they have been resurrecting his dupes this whole time.

    • That is entirely possible. But one must make peace with the ridiculous nature of comics and status quos. I have made that peace. I am content with this being the real Madrox Prime, and that he’s living with Layla and their kid on Krakoa. Technically, he seems to be focused on farmwork on Krakoa.

      If it means getting more Multiple Man appearances at all, I am willing to accept this is the real him. Unless they reveal at some future point that those Rosenberg retcons have stuck around; then I’ll riot.

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