6 Thoughts on Ant-Man and the Wasp

The growing Ant-Man franchise might not be the biggest money-maker for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I still love it like all the rest! In fact, I kind of love it a little more, because Ant-Man is my favorite superhero in the MCU. And I’m so glad that his movies are so much fun!

AntManWaspReviewList 01

Movie Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

I’m a little disappointed that we’ve got to wait all the way until March for Captain Marvel. That’s a long wait! Of course, I say that knowing that years fly by like the snap of a finger in adulthood, and it will be March before we know it, and we’ll be complaining that, “Jeez, it’s already March”, and another entire year will have passed to bring me and all of us closer to the grave…

But hey! Ant-Man and the Wasp! Join me after the jump for my full review. And expect FULL SPOILERS for the movie!

6. I very much enjoyed this movie

AntManWaspReviewList 02

There’s no reason to look surprised

Ant-Man and the Wasp was another super-fun installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I enjoy these Ant-Man movies a lot. They’ve got a great cast and they have a lot of fun with the very unique power-set. How many other Marvel superheroes have super-powers as fun as Ant-Man and the Wasp? Everybody else pretty much just has super strength and/or agility. Thor maybe throws some lightning around. Spider-Man has webs, but that’s really just another projectile. Iron Man is really just firing guns or repulser beams. And maybe Doctor Strange’s magic is neat. But no one else has a power as unique looking as Ant-Man’s, and the movie does not shy away from using it to great effect! Whether for jokes, like the bit where he’s stuck at toddler height at the school, or awesome scenes, like Giant-Man in the Bay at the end.

I especially enjoyed the humor in Ant-Man and the Wasp. It wasn’t Thor: Ragnarok style comedy, but was instead really all dry and dialogue-based, which is my style of humor. Like Sonny Burch talking about car washes, or the various off-handed comments that Scott gets throughout the movie, and especially the bit with Cassie on the cell phone during the hostage scene. I loved the human awkwardness of the call interrupting Bill Foster’s monologue, and the way Scott has to pretend that everything is fine with his family despite him being tied up. And I love the very human idea that everybody involved realizes the importance of a daughter texting “911” to her parent, so they all willingly put aside their hostage stuff for a moment so that Scott can take the call — then Scott apologizing when it turned out to just be about Cassie’s soccer shoes instead of a real emergency. That stuff is hilarious to me!

Ant-Man and the Wasp was a lot of fun, and I’m quite happy with that.

5. Ant-Man is still my favorite MCU superhero

AntManWaspReviewList 04

He’s got the look

I was never an Avengers fan growing up. I was a Spider-Man and X-Men kid when I got into comics, so I never developed any particular interest in Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man, the Wasp, Loki or really any of the characters at the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All of that changed in 2003, when Scott Lang joined the Avengers and got a really awesome costume redesign. Gone was the silly, bulky helmet of the Silver Age, replaced with a really cool insectoid outfit, seen above. I was in college at the time, expanding my comic book interests through the internet. While I didn’t start reading Geoff Johns’ Avengers run, I still made note of the awesome costume redesign. And just like that, I was interested in Scott Lang’s Ant-Man.

Of course, they killed him off a few years later, so there was no Scott Lang to really pay attention to anymore in the comics.

But then it was revealed that Lang would be the star of the Ant-Man movie. And they chose beloved actor Paul Rudd to play the role. And in the movies, he’s been this likable funny guy, who serves as an add-on to the Avengers, which I always enjoy. And I love his movie costume. So despite all of the great characters in the MCU, Scott as Ant-Man is still my favorite, so I love seeing him in a movie like this. And that’s a little history lesson for you about me and my interest in Ant-Man.

4. The villains were solid, but not the point

AntManWaspReviewList 03

She’s no Thanos or Killmonger, but c’mon

We have not yet reached a point where the Marvel superhero movies can exist without a super-villain. Granted, I don’t know if we should reach that point. I like a good super-villain as much as the next person. But, as usual, the villain is rarely the point in these Marvel movies. These movies are much more about the heroes involved, and Ant-Man and the Wasp is no different. The movie has antagonists, because that helps, but the movie isn’t about them.

Still, Ghost was cool. The actress did a fine job and her subplot was equally fine. She wasn’t just evil for evil’s sake and had a solid motivation. That’s always a plus. And she looked damn cool. I can only hope she might show up in a Thunderbolts movie someday. If Marvel keeps a villain alive, they should definitely reuse them down the line for their own villainous team-up movie. Though the fact that she was a SHIELD operative for a few years is pretty neat. Somebody should figure out just how many super-powered people SHIELD had in its employ before Fury decided to launch the Avengers Initiative.

AntManWaspReviewList 05

Probably glad to be through with the DCEU

Anyway, Bill Foster was a nice character. I liked that he wasn’t really a bad person, he was just wrapped up in bad things in his efforts to help Ava. I loved all the moments where his humanity shown through, like the phone call with Cassie, or telling Ava that she couldn’t go after Cassie. That was really great for him.

And Sonny Burch was perfectly fine as yet another wrinkle in the whole mess, to create yet another party interested in what was going on. I especially enjoyed that Sonny was just as shocked and awed by the Ghost as everybody else. Just because he’s a villain doesn’t mean he can’t be just as freaked out about a person walking through walls as the rest of us.

3. Cassie Lang is still the standout of the films

AntManWaspReviewList 06

World’s greatest granddaughter

Actor Abby Ryder Fortson is just the bee’s knees! She was the standout of the first film and she’s pretty darn awesome in this film, too! There’s such an energy around that kid. She plays the part well and reads her lines like a champ. When she has that heart-to-heart with her father about her being his partner, telling him not to laugh at her dreams, it’s both awesome and heart-breaking. She’s just such a great addition to this movie series.

If rumors are true, we’re going to see an older Cassie Lang in Avengers 4, meaning the part has been double-cast with an older actor. That’s a shame, because as much as I’d love to see Cassie Lang go on to be a superhero, I’d rather they just wait until Fortson is old enough to play the part herself. But hopefully she’ll be back for Ant-Man 3! And then Young Avengers 1!

2. Wasp was a welcome addition

AntManWaspReviewList 07

By and large

Evangeline Lilly is so awesome as the Wasp that, yeah, she probably should have been the Wasp for a little bit of the first film. She’s great, she kicks ass, is a master of her powers and has both a really cool fighting style and a really nifty fashion sense. I liked her long dark overcoat and dark boots look. I liked her softening towards Scott and his buddies, and I liked her being the perfect straight man to Rudd’s comedian. It would totally be OK with me if the third film in the series is just called The Wasp, with Scott Lang in a supporting role. And I was legit disappointed when Hope got dusted at the end of the movie. Why can’t she have a full role in Avengers 4?!

Also, I want to see more of Hope and Cassie together. Even just a daughter/dad’s girlfriend outing where they get into trouble.

1. It is easily explained why Ant-Man and the Wasp didn’t help out during Infinity War

AntManWaspReviewList 08

Thanos can wait

I have seen this question pop up a lot on websites and in comments sections. Based on dialogue from Black Widow in Avengers: Infinity War and the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp, why didn’t Scott and Hope rush out to help the Avengers fight Thanos?

Good question. And it has a good answer.

The issue comes into play with the dialogue in Infinity War that Scott and Clint Barton are still on house arrest, and therefore cannot join the rest of the Avengers in fighting Thanos. However, the post-credits scene in Ant-Man and the Wasp reveals that Scott has been off house arrest for some period of time by the time Infinity War takes place. If Scott and Hope are up for gathering Quantum Energy as Ant-Man and the Wasp, why don’t they go help out against Thanos?

For one thing, regarding Black Widow’s line about Scott still being on house arrest, I think it’s safe to say the the Avengers — especially Cap’s Secret Avengers — are not keeping track of the specific end date of Scott Lang’s house arrest. They met him that one time, he was a big help, but the guy took off to help his family. They’re cool with that, but at that point I’m sure the Secret Avengers wrote him off as probably being done with superheroics. Like, I doubt Natasha was marking the calendar until the day they could get Ant-Man back on the team. I’m sure the Secret Avengers never expected to see him again, so it’s a matter of “last I heard, he was still on house arrest,” so that’s what she tells Bruce when he asks who Scott is.

For another thing, the news story that Giant-Man was spotted in San Francisco may not have been national news. We don’t know the level of news coverage that superheroes get in the MCU. Maybe the story stayed local. I don’t know what sorts of local news stories come out of San Francisco in the real world. So there’s no guarantee that any of the Avengers saw the story that Giant-Man was out and about, especially not the Secret Avengers, who were likely out of the country. And it’s not like they know Scott as ‘Giant-Man’, so none of them would have the phrase ‘Giant-Man’ on Google Alert.

The one person among them would maybe would be paying attention to superhero news would be Tony Stark, and maybe he did make a note of Giant-Man showing up in San Francisco. But by that point in Infinity War, Stark was off-planet, so any knowledge he may have had about Scott Lang wasn’t going to help anybody still on Earth.

AntManWaspReviewList 09

She’s got a lot of other things to worry about than that one guy who helped out Cap that one time two years ago

On the flip side, you’ve got to remember that Ant-Man and the Wasp are not typical comic book superheroes. They don’t go out on patrol or fight crime or even are registered Avengers. With the exception of Scott going to Germany in Civil War, they’ve really only been Ant-Man and Wasp to handle their own personal stuff. And even though his house arrest is up, Scott is still on probation. And the reason Scott, Hope, Hank and Janet are conducting their post-credits experiment out of the back of a van in some parking garage is because they’re all still in violation of the Sokovia Accords. They’re all still in danger of being arrested.

So when the news starts showing that aliens have returned to New York, there’s no reason to expect Scott and/or Hope to suit up and rush out there to help.

First of all, the “invasion” of New York lasts maybe half an hour at most. Yes, a big ship showed up in downtown and there was a superhero scuffle, but it was over pretty quickly and Tony Stark was reported missing. Ant-Man and Wasp can’t teleport and don’t have access to any sort of private jet. Are they supposed to book a flight and show up several hours later? Then just stand around Central Park in costume? Or fly to the Avengers compound upstate and volunteer to help? Why would they do that? Remember, they are wanted fugitives! And just because they dress up in costume and have super-powers does not mean they are in any way required to volunteer to help out with every single alien invasion or super-villain that pops up on the news on the whole other side of the country.

Second of all, Hope and Hank were already pissed at Scott for taking the Ant-Man suit and running off to help Cap in Germany that one time. They gave him the cold shoulder for two years because of it! So there’s no way Scott is going to make that mistake a second time. If that even crossed his mind, he definitely would have asked Hope and Hank this time around, and they definitely would have told him not to get involved. Remember, Scott and everybody in San Francisco has very little information about what exactly transpired in New York City. There’s no way the practical Pym and Van Dyne family is going to let Scott rush off and play superhero with how little they know.

AntManWaspReviewList 10

Absolutely not, Scott

So it makes perfect sense that on the day of, or the day after, a single alien spacecraft shows up in New York City, the Pym and Van Dyne clan decided to let the Avengers and the proper authorities handle it while they went about their personal business. And it makes perfect sense why Black Widow would still assume Scott was on house arrest. And it makes perfect sense why Scott wouldn’t volunteer to join either Avengers squad once his house arrest was up. It’s not like even Tony Stark’s Avengers could hand-wave away Scott’s probation/the Pyms’ violations just so that Ant-Man could join the legal Avengers.

All of that being said, I can’t wait for Scott to play a lead role in Avengers 4 next year! Set photos have him getting really involved, and I’m really excited to see him as a major Avenger again!


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