Avengers: Infinity War; I’m in it for the Banter

The new Avengers: Infinity War trailer is here and it’s pretty awesome!

Honestly, I’m starting to feel like this Thanos threat is going to be a pretty daunting challenge for the filmmakers. How do they turn something so nebulous and vast as Thanos and intergalactic armies of faceless aliens into an adversary that doesn’t just feel like a big, CGI mess? Granted, I have 110% faith in Marvel Studios and the Russo brothers to pull this off with aplomb, but I am having some slight fears.

On the other hand, the witty banter in this trailer is on freakin’ point! Tony and Star-Lord is great! Peter and Dr. Strange at the end is great! If nothing else, this movie is going to give us some fun new banter partners!

Movie comes out on April 27. The wait hopefully won’t be too terrible.



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  1. Aaaaaand no Hawkeye!! 😦 Whee is ny favourite archer? I’m scared!

    • I read in a press release that he is confirmed to be in Avengers 4 for sure, but he will be going by Ronin. So my guess is that he is in this one, but something is going to happen to his family.

      • Hmmm. If I’m not mistaken, in the Ultimate Universe Black Widows killed his family. I guess they won’t go that way in the movie, though.

        Thanks for the info!

      • Of all the things to adapt into the movies, Hawkeye’s brief stint as Ronin is a weird choice. But I suppose it would make sense, given his family, his ‘retired’ status and the fact that he’s something of a fugitive following Civil War. I still think it would be weird.

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