The World is Ready for an Expanded Disney Cartoon Universe

The new DuckTales reboot cartoon is all the rage. Woo-hoo! I was a huge fan as a kid, and I watched the first episode of the new reboot and quite enjoyed it. The show is fun all on its own, but it’s also clearly made with the sensibilities of a modern cartoon show. There are Easter Eggs galore and a real effort has clearly been made to create a larger, deeper mythology. All the good cartoons these days have a deep mythology.

If you haven’t seen the opening pair of episodes yet, you can check them out right now! Trust me, it’s a good show.

Now that we’re all on the same level, I hope you caught all the great Easter Eggs the first few episodes dropped. I won’t spoil them until after the jump, but I think this new series has the makings to launch a larger Disney Expanded Universe, and I’m all in favor of that!

Join me after the jump to see what I mean!

Chief among the Easter Eggs dropped in that first episode — within the first few minutes, in fact — is that the cities of Spoonerville, Cape Suzette and St. Canard all exist in this new DuckTales cartoon. What are those cities? I’m glad you asked!

Spoonerville is the home of Goofy and Max from Goof Troop.

Cape Suzette is home of Baloo from TaleSpin.

St. Canard is the home of Darkwing Duck.

All classic Disney cartoons from the 90s, the same era as DuckTales. And all of them star anthropomorphized animal people, as is the Disney style.

Considering the kind of creative minds who now work on today’s modern cartoons, there is no chance in hell that those name-dropped cities were just a fun little wink to the fans. Oh no. Not on a show like DuckTales. Not in the world we live in now.

Ducktales Big 01

So much potential and excitement!

We live in a world where modern cartoons are painstakingly planned out to be as rewarding as possible for the fans. Just look at Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Voltron: Legendary Defender or the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. The best cartoons are not written on the fly just to appease toy commercials. The best cartoons have deep mythology and an abiding love of all things that came before.

What if the creators behind the new DuckTales really thought out the mythology of the world and the show. There are hints galore in the first two episodes. Clearly Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck had an extensive swashbuckling career that’s only hinted at in the first episodes. And clearly those adventures involved the mother of the three nephews, who has never been glimpsed before. So clearly the creators of the new DuckTales are being allowed to really expand the world’s mythology.

What if they go even deeper than that?

We already know that Darkwing Duck has been confirmed for DuckTales. We don’t have any art yet, but we know he’s going to show up. That alone gives me hope.

But what if Baloo and the Higher for Hire cargo freight business exist in Cape Suzette? How easy would it be to slip the Sea Duck into the background of some DuckTales adventure?

Sea Duck 01

The most iconic plane in Disney animation

And what if Goofy and his wife are living nice lives in Spoonerville with their son Max? He could be the same age as Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby! And are you going to tell me that the creators haven’t considered Donald Duck’s friendship with Goofy and Mickey Mouse as part of DuckTales’ new backstory? Maybe Mickey will finally have a role!

What if Launchpad moonlights as the pilot for St. Canard’s own masked vigilante, Darkwing Duck? Who just happens to have an adopted daughter, Gosalyn, who could also be the same age as the nephews?

When DuckTales gets renewed for a second, third, fourth and/or fifth season, the creators need to just go wild, if they aren’t already planning on it.

Scrooge McDuck vs. Darkwing Duck.

Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, Max and Gosalyn teaming up for playdate adventures!

Flintheart Glomgold as the Lex Luthor to all of Darkwing’s costumed enemies.

Launchpad and Baloo in a dogfight with the Don Karnage and the Air Pirates.

Scrooge McDuck’s long, bitter rivalry with King Louie of Louie’s Place bar.

The possibilities are endless and all of them will be the greatest nostalgia cartoon the world has ever known! I’m ready for this to happen. The world is ready for this to happen.

Now is not the time to be cautious. Now is the time to make the greatest Disney cartoon show of all time. The winds of excitement are at your back, DuckTales! Set sail for glory!



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  1. Ooo I need to watch it. I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t even know they rebooted it 😛

    Great read!!

    zaahida |

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