The Ending To Inhumans vs. X-Men Is Worse Than I Could Have Imagined

Oh, dear lord. How has it come to this? Everything that could have gone wrong in the finale of Inhumans vs. X-Men goes wrong in the new issue. A violent sect of religious extremists are given all the credit and hailed as heroes. The legitimate good guys are shamed and retreat with their tails between their legs. And even that turdburglar Young Cyclops gets a moment to be even more of a sanctimonious prick.

And on top of all that, no Strong Guy!

IvX Six 01

And so my Strong Guy Watch has ended

I try not to let comic book stories bug me as much any more. I don’t want to come off like the typical Comic Book Guy, getting all heated over these funny books. But man, nothing raises my ire more than Marvel grinding their supremely awesome Cyclops storyline into the mud. For years there, they were telling the most exciting, nuanced and brilliant X-Men story in a long time. Renegade Cyclops was like reading gold.

But Inhumans vs. X-Men is the final indignant boot heel into all that good will. Cyclops is dead, his legacy rotten to the core, and Medusa gets to be the pretty, pretty princess superhero that Marvel wants.

This is madness.

Join me after the jump! Full SPOILERS for Inhumans vs. X-Men #6.

I want to start out by saying, again, that I kid because I love. I love Marvel and I love the X-Men, always will. But they can do better. I know there’s a lot of pressure at Marvel to make the Inhumans into a popular franchise, but this is not how to do it. This poorly executed, year-long crossover has only tainted both the Inhuman and X-Men brands.

I don’t want that. I want both to be great comics. And it is with that in mind, I offer the following critique/angry rant.

Let’s set the stage for everybody so that you can all understand what I’m angry about. I’ve written about this before, so I’ll make this recap quick.

The Terrigen Mist is only a few days away from saturating Earth’s atmosphere, making the air toxic to mutants. Medusa and the Inhumans have forbidden the X-Men from destroying the cloud because Terrigen is holy to the Inhumans. It’s how they get their powers. When Cyclops and the X-Men destroyed one Terrigen cloud, Medusa and Black Bolt murdered him for his transgression.

In a last ditch effort to destroy the cloud, the X-Men launched the titular attack of Inhumans vs. X-Men. They incapacitated the Inhumans and tried their best, but the Inhumans continued to oppose their efforts to save the mutant race.

Now, in the final issue, the X-Men are making a final stand to destroy the cloud, with the help of the Young Inhumans, who have become wise to the stakes. But the regular Inhumans are still fighting.

So…what happens? Who wins? Do mutants get to live? Is their fight to save their species successful?

Well shucks, folks! They didn’t have to fight at all! As soon as Medusa learns the truth, she gladly destroys the Terrigen cloud.

IvX Six 02

IvX Six 03

This is mind-fuckin’-boggling.

So it’s as simple as that, huh? Medusa finds out that the Terrigen is about to saturate the planet and kill all mutants and she doesn’t even hesitate to destroy the cloud? She ends the entire conflict with the press of a button, simple as that?

What about the EIGHT MONTHS she spent refusing to allow the X-Men to destroy the cloud? They knew that the cloud was killing and sterilizing mutants. They even named the damn disease the cloud caused. It was the M-POX! They gave it a name!

Hell, Medusa was even preparing for war she was so willing to stop the X-Men from destroying the Terrigen cloud.

IvX Six 04

From Inhumans vs. X-Men #0

But no. Apparently, all the X-Men had to do was tell Medusa what was happening at the start and she would have completely changed her mind.

She MURDERED Cyclops because he dared to stop just one Terrigen cloud. She let the remaining Terrigen continue to KILL and STERILIZE mutants across the globe for EIGHT MONTHS. But just letting her know that the Terrigen poison was getting a touch worse was enough to make her change her mind?

Jeez louise.

And, of course, Medusa is the hero of this story. Her heroic actions to stop the cloud and save the day make her champion.

IvX Six 05

Oh! Em! Gee! You guys!

She gets to be the bestest, most prettiest princess ever and gets to fall back in love with her husband, Black Bolt! Isn’t she great? Don’t you just want to read a bunch of Medusa comics and buy Medusa merchandise and watch Marvel’s upcoming Inhumans movie/TV show, starring Medusa?

Boy howdy.

But that’s just the start of this crappy issue. Because, as predicted, the story really ends when Emma Frost is turned back into a villain and revealed as the real threat all along!

She wasn’t trying to save the mutant race from chemical genocide. Oh no. Nothing that heroic. Emma has gone crazy and wants to kill the Inhumans herself! And she mind-controlled Forge to build herself an army of Inhuman-hunting super Sentinels to do it!

IvX Six 06

Welcome to Crazy Town!

Hey, do you all remember when legendary comics writer Grant Morrison took a fascinating anti-hero character named Emma Frost and turned her into the most interesting and exciting new X-Man in a long while? Remember how she was a hero with nuance and layers and complexity? A breath of fresh air after the 90s-era X-Men?

Well that’s all gone. She’s evil now. Insane and evil.

How evil, you ask? Why, Emma Frost is now so evil that she’s gonna combine both Magneto and Cyclops’ head gear to make a SUPER EVIL HELMET!

IvX Six 07

And she added little spikes to her costume! Super evil, you guys

But the worst is yet to come.

The absolute worst fucking thing about this finale is that, in one line of fucking dialogue, Young Cyclops rewrites history and destroys the last vestiges of heroism in his older version’s legacy. History that was written, by the way, only last year. So it’s not like Marvel can have forgotten that they wrote Death of X.

As far as anybody knew, the X-Men discovered that the Terrigen mist was poisonous to mutants when it killed Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man. As we, the reader, know from Death of X, that original poison also killed Cyclops. He was killed by the Terrigen Mist cloud on Muir Island.

The death of Cyclops then prompted Emma Frost to project a mental copy of Cyclops and use that illusion to launch a successful attack against the cloud that killed him, dissipating it completely and safely. Another X-Man, Alchemy, died in the process. No Inhumans were harmed.

Then, of course, Medusa and Black Bolt murdered ‘Cyclops’. They didn’t know he was a mental illusion. They thought they were killing the real guy.

Marvel would have us believe that everybody on Earth interpreted Cyclops’ actions as “pre-emptive genocide”. That’s how he became the next Hitler.

But we’re not idiots and we’re not blind.

Cyclops was killed by the Terrigen poison. Emma Frost was spurred on by this fact to destroy a Terrigen cloud, saving countless mutant lives. And she used an illusion of Cyclops to do it. So instead of the world knowing that Cyclops died a horrible, ugly death from M-Pox, he instead went out like a hero, fighting to save the mutant race and murdered by the religious extremists who opposed him.

But over the course of Inhumans vs. X-Men, Young Cyclops learned the truth about how Cyclops died. And when he confronts Emma and the other X-Men with the truth, he decides to change history a little.

IvX Six 08

Are you fucking kidding me?

An “accident”? Cyclops died in an “accident” before they even knew the Terrigen was poisonous?

What madness is this?

Cyclops didn’t die in an accident! Cyclops led a heroic X-Men mission to save Jamie Madrox, and then just by standing around, he was poisoned by the Terrigen Mist and died within hours.

His horrific death, CAUSE BY THE TERRIGEN, is what spurred the X-Men to launch their attack in the first place! Both Cyclops and Madrox GAVE THEIR LIVES so that mutants would know that they were in danger!

And Medusa and the Inhumans were okay with that FOR EIGHT MONTHS!

IvX Six 09

From Death of X #1. Cyclops dying from Terrigen while informing Beast that it’s poisonous

In the end, Medusa gets to be the hero who saves the day. She no longer has to feel anything about murdering Cyclops because now everybody knows it wasn’t really Cyclops. She doesn’t have to feel any guilt over all the mutants killed by M-Pox in those eight months. She gets to be a princess and fall back in love with her prince.

And everybody gets to relaunch new comics! Emma Frost was responsible for everything! She’s the fall guy, and everybody else gets to remain super heroic, you guys. So you should buy both new X-Men and new Inhumans comics! Have you heard about ResurreXion?

All their sins have been wiped clean, you guys! You can just forget about the moral complexity of the past two years of comics because it was all Emma Frost’s fault! She’s super evil now, and that solves everything.

At this point, Marvel isn’t even trolling the X-Men anymore. They’re just purging anything even remotely complex or consistent and just hoping we’ll all stop worrying about the details.

Hey! Have you seen the teaser for the new X-Men comic? Oh boy, I wonder who those remaining shadows could be?

IvX Six 10

Old Man Logan, now in as many simultaneous X-Men comics as regular Logan

I can’t wait to find out what random and perfectly ordinary X-Men characters are going to be in this perfectly ordinary X-Men comic!


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  1. This is so dead on and amazingly perfect bra friggin vo man I loved this article/review the event was a mess Marvel just doesn’t give a crap anymore their prices reflect that.

    • Thanks! I think Marvel still cares, but about the wrong thing. Whether it’s short term sales bumps or the movie/TV possibilities, they care about something, just not letting their good creators tell good stories.

  2. Could not agree more. Well written and to the point. Thank you

  3. Ricardo Rojas

    Totally agree with you. This was supposed to be at the end, a reconciliation of young Cyclops with his elder self actions, as much as the portrait of a mistakely judged hero with will be redeemed. The responsables for this stupid plot should be put in prison for scamming. All the money that Marvel will lose in the following months regarding X-men are their doing, as much as the X-men followers dropping or stopping buying comics.
    I have 25 years reading X-men and I stopped recently because they have become impossible to be followed if not meaningless. If Marvel philosophy is to turn his titles in Archie comics I foresee big losses in its way.

    • I grow more lukewarm about ResurrecXion by the day. I stopped reading X-Men comics in the last relaunch, only a year or so ago. Nothing about this new relaunch has got me excited yet.

  4. I agree with you.

  5. Robert Foxworthy

    because the inhuman where committing genocide, not the other way around……. if you follow the Inhumans you know their mission is to infiltrate and destroy other races for the kree. and they are infact genetically re-engineered mutants.

  6. What pisses me off most is that this COULD have been great. It genuinely could have been a good, interesting, compelling story, touching on some complex themes and giving Medusa some moral questions to figure out answers for.

    But nope! The X-Men were paranoid, reactionary assholes and the whole thing could have been avoided with a phone call! The Inhumans are 100% in the right, undeniably the heroes of the story, while the X-Men are absolutely, unquestionably the villains of the story where they’re fighting for their very survival. Because presenting a marginalized group fighting for survival as the antagonists was DEFINITELY the right call to make and not at all deeply messed-up.

    This is one of the worst events Marvel’s done.

    • I couldn’t agree more. You have to wonder what kind of planning goes into these things. How do professional writers with years of creative storytelling behind them come up with this stuff?

  7. Having only just read this crossover–I avoided it for months solely because I knew it would suck–I immediately had to make sure that I wasn’t the only one gagging at it. And I wasn’t, so hurrah!

    Honestly I am not sure which story irritated me more, IvX or AvX. Both were built up as ideological conflicts and ended up as one clearly in the wrong and one clearly in the right. Cyclops has honestly been the only one making sense; Storm, Beast, and Logan, aside from being massive hypocrites, are also dumb as dirt. Ugh.

    Part of me is actually really hopeful for when Xavier and Jean come back because maybe–MAYBE–they will call the others out on their BS.

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