Marvel Desperate to Make Cyclops Evil

It’s Hail Mary pass time in the world of X-Men fighting Inhumans, people. It seems that Marvel has realized that something went wrong in their plan to vilify Cyclops, so they are going to dig in their heels and just shoot for the moon on this one. Do Cyclops’ actions from Death of X not make any sense in connection with Marvel’s recent portrayal of the character? Well too bad, because he’s totally a terrorist, you guys. For sure!

Don’t believe me? Wait until you see what Young Cyclops has to say in the pages of All-New X-Men this week!


Only one of these Cyclopses is right

This is a topic I’ve written about a lot before, and I think I’m going to make it an ongoing subject, at least through Inhumans vs. X-Men. It’s just weird to see Marvel twist themselves into knots on this subject! It’s like the right hand and left hand have no idea what the other is doing, but both of them dislike Cyclops!

Join me after the jump for all the ridiculous details. Also! Update on Strong Guy Watch!

A quick primer: For the past year’s worth of X-Men comics, Marvel has been dropping hints that Cyclops did something so heinous to the Inhumans that everyone considered him the next incarnation of Hitler. He became the world’s most hated mutant, with characters alluding to the idea that he did something unforgivably vile.

But then, in Death of X, Marvel revealed that all Cyclops did was stop one of two Terrigen Mist clouds from spreading around the globe. The Terrigen Mist clouds are used to make new Inhumans, but they also kill mutants. Cyclops stopped one of the clouds from killing any more mutants.


He’s a nice guy

No regular humans or Inhumans were harmed when Cyclops and the X-Men stopped the cloud, but in response, the Inhumans promptly killed Cyclops. And his legacy is that of New Hitler.

It’s just plain weird. Marvel has been treating Cyclops like the most vile super-villain who ever lived, but all he did was harmlessly disperse a cloud of gas, thereby saving the lives of every mutant on the planet. Yes, the cloud was sacred to the Inhumans, but it was KILLING MUTANTS. Saving mutant lives takes precedence over the Inhumans’ religion.

But apparently that’s not how Marvel sees it.

According to this week’s new issue of All-New X-Men, the teenage version of Cyclops lays out exactly how the world sees Cyclops’ actions.


Beast and the Inhumans had 8 months to solve this peacefully

Heh, seriously? “Preemptive Inhuman genocide”? You do know what that word means, right? It’s not to be tossed around lightly. The suffix implies death, but nobody dies when the clouds are stopped. No Inhumans are killed. It just means they can’t give any new Inhumans their powers without the cloud. All of the Inhumans in the world are still alive, it just means they can’t activate their secret powers.

Whereas the clouds themselves do cause mutant genocide.

But according to Young Cyclops, that’s just par for the course, right?


Mutant genocide is only a Wednesday to this kid

I’m usually in awe of Marvel’s efforts to troll the X-Men, but this is painful. Does this dialogue make any sense whatsoever? Where the hell is that kid’s head?

It’s being forced to do mental gymnastics so that Marvel can maintain the insane idea that the Inhumans are in the right on this one. The mutant are wrong for wanting to save their race from genocide. The Inhumans are right for wanting to preserve their genocide weapon in the name of their religious beliefs.

Everything is topsy turvy!

And in Strong Guy Watch, Guido is still hanging out in the background of X-Men scenes.


He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector

He hasn’t uttered a word and nobody has spoken to him about his being there. Perhaps his old friend Monet will say a few words in the next issue of Uncanny X-Men. We’ll see!

I’ll stay with this story all night if I have to!


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  1. Everyone’s saying this…but it deserves to be repeated. We’re all with you. I agree that young Scott’s thoughts are particularly heinous on this topic.

    And I’m loving the Guido watch! Some editor is really making sure he’s part of this.

  2. I think the stupid Jew with adopted African pups, Bendis, might be responsible for this shit.

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