Cyclops Was Right Yet Again, Let Me Count the Ways

For the past year of X-Men comics, the once glorious Cyclops has been hailed as nothing short of the next Hitler. He’s been on this trajectory for awhile now, but comics took an 8-month jump at the beginning of the year, and everybody was very hush hush that not only had Cyclops died, but he died doing something absolutely horrendous to the Inhumans.

Well the big mystery was revealed in the conclusion of Death of X last week, but all that it revealed was that Cyclops is a true hero, now and forever.

Now and forever

Now and forever

I don’t know what the heck Marvel is doing. Either they don’t understand what it means to be a super-villain, or this is the greatest long con in superhero comics history. Part of me is leaning towards the latter.

Join me after the jump for the latest revelation, as well as all the reasons why Cyclops has been right for years. I really do think Marvel is toying with us.

So what did Cyclops do that was so horrendous that even the teenage Champions consider him the next Hitler? Here they are discussing the pros and cons of letting Young Cyclops join the team.

Even the kids know how evil Cyclops is!

Even the kids know how evil Cyclops is!

The Champions are so discouraged about adult Cyclops’ actions that they’re not even sure they can welcome teenage Cyclops.

So what did he do?

Cyclops saved the mutant race from certain death. And I guess the world hates him for it.

Here’s the set-up: a few years ago, the Inhuman king Black Bolt unleashed a giant cloud of Terrigen Mist across the Earth. Terrigenesis is the process of transforming new Inhumans, and for decades, it was a very secretive ritual within the isolated Inhuman community. But now with a giant Terrigen Mist cloud moving across the Earth, every single human with a strand of Inhuman DNA in their system is now transformed. This is how Ms. Marvel got her powers.

But recently, Cyclops and the X-Men learned that the Terrigen Mist is immediately fatal to mutants. Exposure to the cloud causes mutants to instantly break out in a horrible disease, killing them seemingly within minutes. The cloud killed Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man.

Still hard to see

Still hard to see

The cloud doesn’t effect all mutants, but it’s definitely deadly to some mutants. It also renders them sterile.

So here’s the conundrum: the cloud is the only way to make new Inhumans, but at the cost of killing mutants. The Inhumans have embraced their population explosion.

But Cyclops, being a great mutant hero, isn’t about to stand by and let this cloud wipe out the mutant race.

So he recruits an old ally with the mutant power of altering the chemical properties of things, and together they change one of two Terrigen Mist clouds into harmless vapor.

Totally harmless

Totally harmless

The old ally dies in the process, which is tragic, but the mutant race is saved with no harm done to any Inhuman.

So what does this earn Cyclops? Murdered by Black Bolt.

To hell with Black Bolt!

To hell with Black Bolt!

How does any of this warrant Cyclops being hailed as the world’s greatest super-villain? I’m not being rhetorical here. If somebody has an answer, I would love to know!

At this point, I do need to point out that this wasn’t really Cyclops. The final issue of Death of X also reveals that Cyclops actually died alongside Madrox. He was exposed to the Mist and died within minutes. But his dying words to Emma Frost were that she carry on his legacy and not let this cloud kill all mutants. So for the four issues of Death of X, Emma creates a psychic illusion of Cyclops to carry on his mission of stopping the Terrigen Mist.

But nobody knows this. Emma only tells one other person. So everybody, from Black Bolt to Medusa to Storm to the other X-Men to the Champions, all really do believe that Cyclops died after neutralizing the Terrigen Mist cloud. For all intents and purposes, the world thinks Cyclops did this.

So why is he the next Hitler? THAT CLOUD WAS KILLING MUTANTS! It killed him! Yeah, the Inhumans can’t make any more, but they’re the ones who unleashed the cloud in the first place. Why weren’t the Inhumans doing the right thing and trying to shut it down to protect mutants? What kind of selfish bastards are they?

What kind of selfish, MURDERING bastards are they?

Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans, calmly ordering a murder

Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans, calmly ordering a murder

But here is where I think Marvel is just trolling us. We can all objectively see that Cyclops’ actions were heroic…it’s the characters in the comics who see them as villainous. Those characters are biased, based on all they’ve been through. So maybe they feel justified in vilifying Cyclops, no matter what we astute readers can see.

That’s the troll: Cyclops does the heroic thing, but the comic treats it like something villainous. History is written by the winners, after all.

This has actually been happening for a long time now, ever since Marvel decided to make Cyclops a renegade. He does the right thing and the comic presents it as something bad.

It all started during Schism, when Cyclops and Wolverine had a falling out. That comic began with Quentin Quire trying to cause trouble for mutants on a world-wide scale. Cyclops, the ‘villain’, wanted to protect Quentin and hide him from the authorities, but Wolverine, the ‘hero’, wanted to turn the kid over to Captain America. In the long run? Wolverine took Quentin under his wing as a sidekick.

Let’s see if I can’t run down a bunch more. In pretty much every single one of these scenarios, Cyclops’ decision is portrayed as the bad idea.

  • Cyclops convinces Oya to use her powers to save her fellow X-Men, even though Wolverine insists she just sit back so that Wolverine can try and do all the work.
  • Cyclops insists the X-Men work together to defeat the evil Sentinel that is about to destroy their home on Utopia, and they do, but Wolverine has planted bombs all over the island because he just wants to cut and run.
  • Wolverine breaks off from the X-Men to reform the school, and this is presented as the more noble choice. Cyclops just keeps everybody else going as an awesome superhero squad.
  • When the Phoenix Force returns to Earth, targeting Hope Summers, Cyclops does his best to try and train her to handle the responsibility so that she can use the power to restart the mutant race. Wolverine just wants to kill her (when he fails, she decides to cut him some slack and teams up with him).
  • When the Phoenix Force does arrive on Earth, the Avengers accidentally cause it to break apart and possess five of the X-Men, including Cyclops. He then immediately leads his people in using this power to stop wars, bring food and water to desolate parts of the world and do everything they can to make good. The Avengers immediately plot how to stop him.
  • After telling the Avengers to leave them alone, the Avengers promptly break into the X-Men’s home to kidnap Hope Summers.
  • While possessed by the Dark Phoenix, Cyclops kills Charles Xavier. Cyclops is blamed, not the Dark Phoenix. Cyclops goes peacefully with the authorities.
  • Hope Summers later uses the Phoenix Force to restart the mutant race, which was Cyclops’ goal all along. This would have been the likely outcome had the Avengers and Wolverine not gotten involved at all.
  • After breaking out of prison, Cyclops starts a new mutant ‘revolution’ that basically involves saving new mutants from prejudice, which is what the X-Men have been doing for decades. Other X-Men teams don’t bother saving new mutants, only sit around complaining about Cyclops.
  • When Cyclops encounters mutants that can’t be part of his revolution, he sends them to Wolverine’s new school.
  • When Cyclops is bequeathed everything in Xavier’s will, he doesn’t hesitate to sign it all over to the ‘good’ X-Men.
  • When Cyclops is called on the merits of his revolution by one of his team members, he immediately calls off the revolution and instead organizes a peaceful million mutant march at the Lincoln Memorial.
  • And finally, when a deadly cloud of Terrigen Mist is discovered to kill mutants, Cyclops finds a peaceful, relatively harmless way to neutralize it and save the mutant race. He’s promptly murdered for his heroic actions.

Taking all of this into account, the only clear explanation is that Marvel is having some fun with us. Somebody decided to turn Cyclops into a villain, but to do so by having him do only heroic things while having them presented as villainous. Write every other character as appalled by Cyclops’ actions, and treat them as the hero, and they can create the greatest trolling in comic book history.

It’s actually kind of funny when you think about it.

Cyclops was right.

Pax Utopia.


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  1. Unless they reveal in “Inhumans vs X-Men” that the inhumans used some kind of mass telepathy to make everybody think Ciclops did something aweful then I honestly don’t care about anything involving inhumans after this.

  2. Thanks for saying it!
    Magneto still flies around with x-teams – all is good
    Cyclops does some good for mutantkind without genocide – kill him!
    Just doesn’t make sense throwing away a good character.

  3. I think the issue is that they hadn’t decided ahead of time what Scott did that was so terrible. And when it was time for Death of X, they realized that they couldn’t just have him be a murderer, they needed to give him a good send-off. So they created a situation where they spend a year build up to something and then backing down on it.

    It’s somewhat understandable that the Inhumans would be angry, given how holy the Terrigen is to them. It’s understandable that the X-Men would be angry about Scott’s actions creating greater tension with the Inhumans. What’s bizarre, though, is that it’s said his actions increased the hatred of mutants among humans, who have literally no reason at all to give a shit about what Scott did. And characters comparing him to Hitler? Complete nonsense.

    So I don’t think this was any sort of long game on Marvel’s part. I think the problem is the LACK of a long game.

  4. Death of X truly was awful. The ONLY defense I’ve seen for the Inhumans is that Cyclops committed “cultural genocide”. As someone who HAS read older Inhumans comics, I can tell you that the act of undergoing terrigenesis is indeed an Inhuman cultural practice… one that is done as a COMING OF AGE ceremony, to SELECTED individuals, within a CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT. The cloud is, at best, about a year and a half old. That is not long enough for something to be a cultural practice. So even that weak-ass defense is false.

    It’s seriously hilarious how Cyke is villainised. Jason Aaron started it in Schism, and Bendis made the best of it in his work. But by this point, it’s just hilarious how much Marvel seem to be going out of their way to piss his fans off. I can only hope all of this is part of some larger plan, maybe a triumphant return for Cyke, possibly even alongside the original Jean and Logan.

    • I read an interview with the writer afterwards, and the interviewer specifically asked about the fact that it seems everybody is convinced that Scott’s actions were heroic. The writer explained it all away with the line from the issue, “You have your story, I have mine,” and that as time has gone on, people just totally believed the Inhumans’ story – which just adds further fuel to my point!

      • Man, that’s disappointing. I like both Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire, but Uncanny Inhumans and Extraordinary X-Men have both been good-but-forgettable and mediocre at best, respectively. That honestly may be the quickest turnaround from me loving a creator to being disillusioned. If Tom King starts sucking, I’m all out of consistently awesome comic writers!

        I don’t even think that explanation for the Hitler thing makes sense! I mean, this is modern society where it’s way harder to spin stories. And I find it hard that humans would even have a reason to believe the Inhumans. I can only hope the Streisand Effect kicks in and the Inhumans are found out. I actually hope that’s why the Royal family REALLY end up leaving Earth in ResurrXion.

        I really don’t get the point of the entire mutant/Inhuman conflict. It makes no sense (gotta love how nobody tries to CONTAIN the thing in a chamber, say, two women with wind powers…), nobody is enjoying it, it makes the Inhumans come off horribly, and ENCOURAGES the rivalry between the fandoms. I’m convinced some editor thought they were being incredibly clever and meta with the idea, even though a toddler could see through it.

  5. I believe the stories are poorly written! They have characters who are not acting the way the should after 40 yrs! How can you have a cloud that an Alpha level weather controller can’t destroy? Cmon poorly written and poor explained! The inhumans aside from maybe Black Bolt have always been boring. I can’t begin to explain how badly I feel this is written !

  6. Reblogged this on Twilit Dreams Circle and commented:
    I’ll also point out that Cyclops was content to stay in prison with other prisoners attempting to kill him and a warden willing to use torture. He was willing to be a martyr. It was when they killed a newly emerged mutant that he realized he still had work to do and couldn’t just lay down and die.

  7. Cyclops gets possessed by dark Phoenix and kills one person. How many times over the years has someone tried to kill Professor X and the “world” doesn’t even notice. Jean Grey destroys a universe filled with billions of people and the X-Men heroically fight to protect her life.
    Loved your article by the way. Bring back the real Cyclops. Inhumans suck.

  8. If anything with IvX I remember how Magneto was pissed for good reason about the gas cloud when he stated, :”My people will not be gassed to death” as he was a holocaust survivor and this is very personal to him. I also remember when they had Carol denounce his fears of Inhumans using Ulysses to go full minority report as he’s an “Internet guy who compares everything to Hitler”.

    I know Magneto is an Anti-Villain at best but holy hell does Marvel not see (pun somewhat intended) the ramifications of this event. Sure deaths in Marvel or DC can be cheap but actually gassing an entire group of people to extinction, getting everyone to go along with it because of a religious excuse, and then calling Cyclops Hitler because he neutralized ONE of the gas clouds? Red Skull tried to mind control humans into killing mutants and everyone fought him but no one cares about a gas cloud doing the same thing?

    The only thing that could make it worse is if the gas cloud flies over Israel and kills/sterilizes Jewish Mutants (reasons for this is because Israel is actually one of the few Pro-Mutant countries in Earth-616, in a literal gassing holocaust while Medusa comes in and tells the Israelis that they are evil if they dare touch their sacred gas cloud. It would be even more ghastly if they drag Kamala Khan into it because being a Muslim and an Inhuman during this would cast too many negative allegories and racial divides. Remember that the Inhumans started blowing up Stark’s property as a warning until Lash and Triton started blowing up his labs and Stark Tower (Which in-universe was the old avengers tower which was also built on 9/11 ground zero as a respect monument) and killing hundreds of people. They supposedly turned Triton in but it looks like they busted him out of jail or pulled some strings to get him back on the streets, so the terrorism allegory isn’t that far off especially with their fanaticism about the Terrigen cloud and Inhuman sovereignty over all nations/races (which isn’t new if you read Infinity).

    If you think about it, The Inhumans trying to weasel into SHIELD with Ulysses and their fascist Minority Report program, their shilling for Carol to gain a political puppet in Alpha Flight, the control of the media not explaining M-Pox is caused by their gas cloud and lying that it doesn’t hurt people, and their use of Swain/PR to mind control/manipulate (she calls it nudging just like Kilgrave/Purple Man called his power pushing) politicians and the average human into accepting Inhuman agendas then they fit with being Villain/Anti-Villain at best like Magneto. As people said this is great Game of Thrones villainy and while interesting, it should not be glorified as heroic. Hell Inhumans are pretty much setting up Inhuman Supremacy like a Hydra front but everyone is letting them get away with it. If Marvel had the courage to have the heroes see this in introspection then it could be a really good book but instead Inhumans are being paraded as the disenfranchised minority that did/can’t do no wrong.

    Hell the gas cloud can kill normal humans (though somewhat rare), latent mutants (who appear human with no powers), inhumans not strong enough for terrigenesis (Flint’s Family/Town was completely wiped out), cause Inhumans to go crazy and kill people (Synapse’s Grandfather), and even kill other inhumans because Secondary Terrigenesis normally kills you or turns you into a Cronenburg monstrosity, and some inhuman mutations are crippling/debilitating. In short, Holy Hell Marvel what manner of fresh hell have you created?!

  9. People comparing Cyclops to Hitler is hilarious.

    What did Hitler do? Committed genocide.
    What did Cyclops do? Get killed by someone who was committing genocide.
    What did Blackbolt do? Committed genocide.

    Blackbolt unleashed a gas which mostly just kills his own people if they are not sufficiently inbred. This is fact, most Inhumans just die from it, such as Flint’s whole damn town (and they were culturally Inhuman, think of the implications of that). His bio weapon mostly kills his own people over racial purity, and he kills to protect his religious freedom to carry on with a genocide against his own people.

    Let’s use an analogy: The Red Skull has launched an automated bomber at major cities, Captain America shows up to stop him, and gets at least a partial victory. Captain America dies in this confrontation. By the current thought process at Marvel, Captain America is the villain in this scenario, and the whole world should compare him to Hitler for standing up to Nazis and getting killed by them.

    Or another: Mr. Burns has decided to pour radioactive waste into the drinking water. Almost everyone dies, but Radioactive-Man is empowered by the poison… Need I continue?

  10. I’m truly saddened by the death of Cyclops. He was finally moving up, I remember Magneto saying to him one time, Scott you’re beginning to sound like me. I was really into this character, now he’s gone.

  11. I can’t believe they are really comparing Cyclops to Hitler when Black Bolt was literally gassing a minority to death on a global scale.

    And why is everything Wolverine does when controlled by the Weapon X Program or Hand or Apocalypse forgiven. But anything Cyclops did as Dark Phoenix is his own fault.

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