Behold, Our Justice League!

It’s never too soon to start the hype machine, so here is our first ever look at the entire movie Justice League! It’s only concept art for now, but this is it!

Is ‘Dawn’ really the strongest word they could come up with?

The art is to promote an upcoming TV special about building the movie Justice League, which is part of the larger media blitz for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is our first official look at Cyborg and Flash, even if it’s not a very good look. But this could be a lot worse!

Also, now that I think about it, does anybody else find it a little weird that, after the Big Three, the most promoted DC superhero at this point is Aquaman? To be fair, I’m super excited for Jason Momoa’s performance, but still, Aquaman? You’ve got Flash and Cyborg waiting in the wings, but you’re leading with Aquaman?

Just kind of interesting, is all.


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  1. Well it would be stupid if they lead with The Flash since most people not working on the DC offices think that keeping their movies and tv universes separate is a dumb idea.
    My guess is they will wait until after the other Flash appearance in the Justice League movie to even think about start to promote him.

    Also when did Cyborg became so big? Maybe is just because I’m not the biggest DC reader but to me he was a Titan then The n52 came and suddenly Cyborg was the biggest thing since sliced bread.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure DC wanted to add some diversity to the Justice League at the start of the New 52, and Cyborg was the best choice for a character to promote to front tier status…not that it’s worked, necessarily. It’s hard to say. But he’s been a bigger deal ever since.

      • If they wanted diversity they could have used that sick Hawkgirl design they used on Earth-2, she is black-latina, a woman so WW wouldn’t be the only female member and, this is the important part, a lot of people recognise her from the Justice League cartoon. I’m not a fan of diversity for it’s own sake but if they are going to do it anyway they could have used someone that people already asociate with the JL, I see Cyborg and I only see him as a Titan, even after DC best efforts.
        And is certainly a better use of Hawkgirl than fridging her on the Hawkman series.

      • If only! Hawkgirl would have been a much better choice. But then DC’s New 52 Teen Titans was nothing like the cartoon either. For some reason, they were determined to ignore their multi-million viewership in favor of the creativity they wanted.

      • I assume the cartoon TT is ignored for the same reason YJ was cancelled – it’s almost more popular with girls than with boys, which is Bad Marketing Move (because if girls are watching Boys Shows they won’t watch Girl Shows).
        So DC probably doesn’t want to draw in the cartoon crowd, because girls are not profitable! There’s even sales data that shows girls don’t buy merch (because merch doesn’t exist).

        Of course, it’s also possible it’s just the usual obsession with gimmicks and “new direction” that has led the Nu52 from the very beginning, if you can call this mess leading.

        Anyway, trying to be positive – I love seeing Flash anywhere I can and I’m hoping that they won’t make him dark and edgy /shudder.

  2. My two pet peeves when it comes to the Flash’s design is when artists reverse his symbol and give the lightning bolt one edge in the middle instead of two. This one is doing both…sigh.

    Still excited to see the Justice League on the big screen tho.

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