The 6 Most Awesome Dogs in Comic Books

Once upon a time, I wrote up a pretty fun List of Six about the coolest cats in comic books. It’s one of my favorites, because I’m a big cat person. But it’s only fair that turn about be fair play and I write a list about cat’s arch-enemies: dogs!

And to think you had forgotten this existed

Just like those furry felines, there are a ton of pet dogs in comics. There are classic comic strip canines, like Odie or Marmaduke or Snoopy, but I’m more interested in comic book pooches. Who are the super-dogs? Or at least the sidekick schnauzers?

Join me after the jump for the six coolest canines in comic books!

6. Dogpool

Because it’s a reference!

Dogpool is the pet mutt of mouthy mercenary Deadpool, and a founding member of the Deadpool Corps! When Deadpool got super popular a couple years ago, writers found all manner of ways to have fun with the character, hence the Deadpool Corps, which also included Lady Deadpool, Headpool and Kid Deadpool (and it’s a crime against nature that he wasn’t called ‘Kiddie Pool’). Dogpool was the victim of cosmetic testing in his universe, where an anti-aging cream ended up killing the poor mutt — or so everyone thought! The cosmetics gave Dogpool a wicked healing factor and he was eventually exploited by a traveling circus. And then exploited by Deadpool.

5. Lucky

Dogs understand

Lucky — otherwise known as ‘Pizza Dog’ — is the canine companion of the Hawkeyes, both Clint and Kate, and he’s the star of an award-winning comic book issue. Introduced in Hawkeye’s new down-to-Earth comic a few years ago, Lucky used to belong to the villainous Tracksuit Mafia, but when Clint Barton showed him a bit of kindness, Lucky turned on the thugs! So they beat him up and tossed him into traffic! Hawkeye grabbed the dog and took him to the vet, and the pair have been united ever since — except for that time when Lucky chose to go on a California Adventure with Kate Bishop instead of sticking it out in New York with Clint, but Kate and Lucky at least came back to kick butt in the finale!

Also, in a pretty stunning development, Lucky is especially famous for Hawkeye #11, a comic told completely from his perspective. It’s pretty amazing.

4. Ace the Bat-Hound

There’s a dog whistle in the utility belt

Yep, back in the day, Batman totally put a mask on a dog. Back in the Silver Age of Comics in the 50s and 60s, Batman rescued the German Shepherd after his owner was kidnapped. Noting the unique star-shaped mark on his forehead, Batman worried that Ace could link Bruce Wayne to Batman, so he slapped on a mask on the pup and a new crime-fighting sidekick was born! Move over, Robin! Not only did he have a mask, but Ace also had a radio collar for taking orders, and a hands-free device that he could activate to apply the mask in case of emergency! Batman really does think of everything.

Ace was eventually phased out of Batman comics. He has recently been replaced by Titus the Great Dane, pet to Batman’s son Damian. The writer considered naming the dog Ace, but naaaah.

3. Lockjaw

Lockjaw is having a good summer

Big, friendly and with the ability to teleport anywhere in the world, Lockjaw is the pet pooch of the Inhuman Royal Family. We’ll all be seeing a lot more of them as Marvel tries to turn Inhumans into their new mutants (long story). Contrary to some popular belief, Lockjaw is not an Inhuman turned into a dog. He’s a regular dog with super-powers, including being as big as a compact sedan. Lockjaw is as loyal as they come, and he’s been both a member of the Pet Avengers and partner to up-and-coming superhero Ms. Marvel. We can only hope he’ll also get to appear in the eventual Inhumans movie in 2019.


2. Krypto

When you draw it that realistically, the cape looks silly

Possibly the most famous dog on this list, Krypto is a super-powered, cape-wearing canine from the planet Krypton! He’s literally Superman, but a dog. They hail from the same planet, they both get the same super-powers under a yellow sun, and they both look great in a red cape. Krypto has had a few different origins over the years, depending on whether or not the editors at DC Comics think it’s silly that Superman has a pet dog. But that heroic image of the white pooch in the red cape, using heat vision and sharp teeth to catch criminals, is too awesome to ignore.

1. Rex the Wonder Dog

Yep, he’s attacking a bear

So which possible pooch is cooler and more awesome than Krypto? None other than Rex the Wonder Dog, of course! Not only does Rex possess super strength, speed, intelligence and mystical powers, but he can also communicate with humans and other animals. And he doesn’t just fight crime, Rex is also a master detective, having found the evidence needed to clear his master of murder in his first adventure. Rex also has almost as many jobs as Homer Simpson, becoming an honorary forest ranger, a Hollywood stunt dog and a circus performer. Basically, in the 1950s, Rex did everything. He fought long lost dinosaurs. He rescued children while swinging from vines. He rode horses and tried his paw at bullfighting. Rex the Wonder Dog is possibly the greatest action canine of all time.

And as an added treat, be sure to check out Mightygodking’s extensive coverage of Rex the Wonder Dog adventures! Bask in his barking greatness!


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  1. Alastair Savage

    Rufferto from Groo the Wanderer gets my vote.
    I suppose Snowy/Milou from Tintin doesn’t count because it’s not really a comic book.

  2. I would just like to point out that I had no idea today would be National Dog Day. No clue. I just picked this dog idea at random, but here we are, I’m psychic.

    Also, I can’t believe I forgot Cosmo.

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