So Much Star Wars News!

Disney held their annual super-expo the other day, and among other awesome things, they revealed a ton of new Star Wars news! Being a big Star Wars fan, that seemed like a pretty swell thing to me.

First up, they released this awesome new poster for The Force Awakens, by artist Drew Struzan, who drew famous posters for the other movies!

Star Wars Poster 01

So wait, the stormtrooper guy from the trailer now has a lightsaber? So much for my Stormtrooper Jedi fan-fic!

Looks pretty cool!

As for the other news? Disney has decided to build new Star Wars-themed additions to their theme parks! Both Disney World is Florida and Disneyland in California will be getting giant additions, multiple acres worth. People are calling them the biggest ever additions at Disney parks!

It's good to see that the Falcon will actually fly

It’s good to see that the Falcon will actually fly

These new additions will involve a new alien world, full of lush greenery, Star Wars-style buildings, and probably a 50s era diner populated by aliens and droids. Amiright?

There’s also going to be a ride based on the Millennium Falcon, and if this picture is to be believed, maybe a full-sized replica? That would be amazing!

Oh wait, this is probably just concept art

Oh wait, this is probably just concept art

My family are huge Disney fans. I’ve been to Disney World three times in my life, and I have fine memories of each time. We’re definitely going to have to make plans to visit this new Star Wars park when it’s done. Maybe my parents will have grandchildren by then!

Glorious, glorious concept art

Glorious, glorious concept art

Kids love Admiral Akbar.



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