6 Superheroes Who Would Look Good in Robo-Suits

I don’t know about you, but I’d say the new Robo-Batman is a big success so far! The story is cool, the concept is engaging, and it’s a refreshing new status quo for the Dark Knight. We all know it won’t last, but for now, I’m enjoying the mech suit ride.

Bunny ears are optional

Which got me thinking: what other superheroes would benefit from a robo-upgrade? I’m talking the full Iron Man treatment! What superheroes would look pretty stellar in their own Iron Man-esque suit of robo-armor? Join me after the jump to help speculate!

And if it’s alright with you, I’m just going to pretend that Avengers: United They Stand doesn’t exit.

6. Cyborg

He needs room for more big guns

This one is a no-brainer. I get that Cyborg is very attached to his fleshy bits, but exposing half of his face in every fight seems like a bad idea. Why not go full robo-suit? He could protect all of his human parts and enhance his weaponry tenfold! Plus, since he’s already half-robot, his entire body would interface with his robo-suit when he’s inside. He could completely plug in, and have more control than even Tony Stark! In my opinion, Cyborg should get even more cybernetic! He should have a whole robotic fleet!

5. Vision

Man up, robo-boy!

The age of the sleek, sexy robot is over! The Vision needs to bulk up, big time! Just because he’s a big movie star now does’t mean he gets any preferential treatment. Let’s get him in a big, tank-like suit of mega-armor. He should out-boom even War Machine! Vision could still be the lovely, dapper young robo-heartthrob underneath the armor, of course. But when it comes to battle, send him in packing major heat!

4. Aquaman

Not that Aquaman needs help being cool

In the grand tradition of Commissioner Gordon taking over as Robo-Batman, I think Aquaman could stand to be replaced by another dude in a robot suit. Just make the robot suit some version of ‘Submarine Iron Man’ and you’re golden! Humans use complicated machinery to explore the ocean depths all the time; just shrink that down to the size of a single dude. Or maybe I’m thinking about Stingray again…

3. Captain Marvel

Of course, comic artists would probably give the suit curves…

In the new Marvel Universe, Captain Marvel is going to be the border defense between Earth and outer space. And with her new uniform still kicking butt, I think she’d look pretty slick with a full-on suit of Captain Marvel-themed armor to really stand strong against alien invaders. Carol is already pretty chummy with Iron Man and War Machine, I’m sure they could help her out. The suit could be emblazoned with her new colors, and it could fly through space like a mini-rocket!

2. Green Lantern

Please tell me you all remember Iron Lantern!

As much as I love the sleek stylings of the Green Lantern uniforms, I think it’d be pretty badass if they used their rings to make some real boss robo-suits. Bright green and able to kick all manner of butts, with the ability to grow to kaiju-size at a moment’s notice, a Green Lantern in a robo-suit could definitely pack some power. Remember Alan Scott in Kingdom Come? I’m picturing something like that — though now that I think about it, such a suit would probably be a real drain on the ring’s charge.

1. Supergirl

Gotta let the hair fly free

This idea is based on a fan fiction character of mine. It’s great that Batman now has a robo-suit, but what does a robo-suit do for Batman? For a Super-character, a robo-suit would replace their powers. So I had an idea where an unpowered normal person creates a suit and becomes the new Supergirl, replicating all the powers with technology.

Then I remembered that Steel exists.

Don’t Shaq Fu me!

My blindspot for Shaquille O’Neal aside, I still think robo-suits make for a great replacement for Superman powers. But since Superman has already been done, how about a robo-suited Supergirl? Maybe the original Supergirl loses her powers, or maybe a new character replaces Supergirl thanks to a robo-suit, or maybe Steel’s niece takes up her own robo-suit again? At least I think it’d be a neat idea.



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