Amazing New Batman v. Superman Trailer Confirms My Worst Nightmare

The new 3-minute trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was the talk of Comic-Con on Saturday, and boy does it deliver! I don’t have a lot of faith in this movie (having been disappointed by Man of Steel), but there’s no doubt that this is a pretty exciting, action-packed trailer.

It also features a moment that makes me a sad panda: dead Robin.

You can see it at exactly 2 minutes into the trailer. Batman looks mournfully up at a dark costume with yellow spraypaint. If you pause, it’s clearly a Robin costume, with a message from the Joker. This confirms the rumor that Joker killed Robin at some previous point in the timeline. And even though we know that Joker kills Jason Todd in the comics, and even though most people on the Internet are jumping on this Jason Todd theory, I’m fairly confident that the movieverse isn’t going to bother with a direct adaptation of the comics. I fear that there was only one Robin, Dick Grayson, and the Joker killed him.


Still, at least it’s an awesome trailer. And there’s also the rumor that Jena Malone is playing Carrie Kelley, so we’ll just have to cling to that.


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