Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-Man is Coming Back!

Some way, some how, Peter Parker is on his way back to comics in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man, possibly as early as March! Behold, this image of Marvel Previews that has started circulating around the web!

Marvel haven’t released anything about what this means or implies, only that Dan Slott, the chief Spider-Man writer for years and years, is still going to be on the book. There’s no word on whether or not Superior Spider-Man will be cancelled or continue telling its own story, but this is pretty substantial proof that not only is Amazing Spider-Man coming back, but Slott is bringing Peter back as well. There’s no way Doc Ock would look so cheerful.

We all knew it was going to happen eventually.

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  1. Thank you god. No diss to spock but I have always related to peter. When ultimate peter died, I cried full fledged man tears. I wonder who is going to be the other superior spider-man. I want Kaine, but it might be Miguel. Ock will most likely die of his own hubris.

    • I don’t think Miguel could support his own series, and we already know Kaine can’t. Some rumors indicate it might be Miles Morales making the jump to the normal Marvel Universe – which I oppose. But we’ll see! Maybe Otto keeps the body he has and Peter returns with a whole new body!

  2. Nooo! He was doing so well! Have we even got a full year out of the Octo-Spider? We need more time. Imagine how amazing it would be if he married Anna Maria, had a kid, then Peter Parker tries to come back. It would be so amazingly messed up! Peter would look upon the life that Otto had built for himself and would feel genuine remorse for coming back and effectively destroying Otto. It could have been amazing!

    But if he comes back in March right as everyone is ready to turn on him, then it makes Peter look 100% the good guy. And that is boring. Everything Otto has built so far can be taken away without much fuss. He needs something serious and firm. Something that Peter would have to truly uproot when he takes his body back. Otherwise Peter just shows up, dumps Anna Maria, has a hilarious bit where Mary Jane is dating a fire fighter now, oh and he gets a free doctorate, and a free company. He’ll probably fire the henchmen and leave the Raft.

    See! No big deal. But if we had a little more time and suddenly Peter comes back and has to deal with his new technically orphaned son, I’d read the crap out of that book!

    ….Reading it to myself, I do realize that Marvel would never possibly go for it. I guess I’m just gonna miss good old Doc Ock.

    • That would be a blast. I’m hoping Otto at least proposes to Anna Maria. But you’re right, they’ll probably bring Peter back without too much fuss. It has to be done in time for the movie, after all. And the last thing they’d want to do is give Peter Parker an orphan son. It ages him, remember?

  3. I’m interested to see Peter Parker pick up the pieces of his ruined life. i hope the writers don’t just gloss over it. Pete should have strained relationships with people, plus J.J.J. likes him now, and he (his body) is dating that short girl whose name i can’t remember. Can’t wait to see what becomes of all that. I’m a couple issues behind, but i can’t wait for his next encounter with Black Cat either, after Ock-Spidey cleaned her clock. And what’s he gonna do for a job? I hope he doesn’t go back to the Bugle. That’s just too much reset.

    I also read in the solicitations for that month that there is an ‘All New’ Nova in New Warriors. That piques my interest. I’m still waiting for Richard Ryder to come back after all. Though i don’t think that will be him.

    • A new Nova? I hadn’t heard that. Maybe they’re still touting Sam Alexander as ‘new’.

      Like my brother mentioned once, Otto hasn’t screwed up Peter’s life nearly enough. Both MJ and Aunt May still like him, JJJ still doesn’t trust him, and everybody else in his life either knows that it’s Doc Ock or doesn’t know anything at all. And the (amazing, adorable, romantic) relationship with Anna Maria can be ended quite easily by Peter at this point. My brother suggested that she should be pregnant or married or something, but Slott probably isn’t that cruel.

      Mostly Peter’s going to wake up and find out that he has a doctorate, that Parker Industries is a thing and Spider-Man had a bunch of little robots around the city.

      Plus a lot of his superhero pals should probably understand that ‘Doc Ock took over my brain!’ Still, I have faith in Slott to have a lot of stories and ideas planned for Peter’s return. It’s going to be great!

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