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Turning Red Looks Really Good

I am loving the animation on Turning Red, the next film from Pixar. The characters in this movie, especially their faces, just look really neat! I haven’t been a big fan of the most recent Pixar movies, but I will always turn out and hope for the best.

The Hulk but with a little girl and a red panda? Yeah, sure, could be a lot of fun. Turning Red arrives in theaters in March!


Pixar is Gonna Do Another One With Turning Red

Pixar has been hot and cold for me over the past few years. I didn’t care for Soul. I loved Luca. Suffice to say, they are in a different mode these days than their all-time classics. So let’s see how they do next year with Turning Red.

Looks fine to me! A young girl dealing with anxiety turns into a giant red panda, Incredible Hulk style. Sounds like a solid metaphor for puberty and whatnot.

Turning Red is scheduled to arrive in theaters in March 2022.


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