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Here’s Another Look at The Nevers

We’re supposed to get the first trailer for The Suicide Squad later today, and I’m definitely sharing that trailer the moment I see it! But until then, the new Joss Whedon HBO show The Nevers also dropped a new trailer this week. Good luck makes heads or tails of what this show is going to be about.

As I understand it, The Nevers is about a bunch of people in Victorian England who develop super-powers and then face the usual backlash from the normies. For all the badness we’re now learning about Joss Whedon these days, we can hopefully at least trust that his work is still enjoyable. I will definitely be checking out a couple episodes.

The Nevers arrives on HBO on April 11.


The Nevers Looks to be a Pretty Cool Joss Whedon Show!

Joss Whedon is a controversial character these days for reasons I’m not going to go into. This isn’t the sort of blog that does that. But say what you will, the man made some pretty awesome television back in the day! And he’s got a new show coming out on HBO Max: The Nevers. I believe it’s about people with super-powers in Victorian-era England?

I think it looks pretty cool. Some of my favorite TV, movie and comic book writing comes from Whedon, so I’m a fan, in spite of the controversy. It’s a shame he’s already left The Nevers.

Also, this sounds an awful lot like the plot of Whedon’s stint on the Runaways comic. Remember that? He sent the team back in time to early 20th century America, where they met a whole bunch of people with super-powers. I didn’t particularly like that story at the time…but perhaps Whedon has decided to give the idea its own proper home? We’ll see!

The Nevers comes out in April.


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