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Jazz the Opossum Can Now Be Real!

A lot of fun new video games were announced at E3 this year, with a ton of really cool trailers. Unfortunately, since I switched almost completely to PC gaming, I don’t get to play any of the cool new games on the Nintendo or the Playstation. But there’s one trailer in particular that spoke to me on a personal level.

Or, more accurately, spoke to the dorky, teenaged Sean that was super into creating fan fiction characters. Behold, Sonic Forces, with a legit Sonic character-creator!


Way back in the day, I liked to draw at school. I’m sure a lot of us did. I doodled on line paper like every other would-be cartoonist. I would move Heaven and Earth to somehow find those doodles and sketches again. But for now, I’ll have to rely on my memory.

One thing I loved sketching was the Sonic the Hedgehog team, circa Sonic 3. I had some dorky obsession with Knuckles, and it didn’t help that I never actually owned a Sega Genesis or anything to play those games. I was just a dork, pining away for video games of my own, tracing and re-drawing Sonic cartoon characters.

And, sure enough, I created my own: Jazz the Opossum! He was hip and cool in all the best Poochie ways. I’m pretty sure he wore a backwards baseball cap and had roller blades. There was no shame.

Now, thanks to the first-ever Sonic character creator in Sonic Forces, I can create Jazz the Opossum and send him on adventures! I’ve just got to, somehow, get my hands on the gear and systems needed to play the dumb game…


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