6 of My Fictional Mary Sues

I make no bones about my life as a young fan fiction writer. I am actually quite proud of the work that Young Sean churned out at such a young age – even if I can rarely bring myself to go back and read the stories I wrote. You can check them out at FanFiction.net. Those stories laid the groundwork for the Sean you know today.

And one of the things I loved more than anything else was creating my own Mary Sue characters in popular fiction. Though back then, I had no idea what a ‘Mary Sue’ even was.

Nope, that’s Mary Jane

According to TVtropes.com, Mary Sue is the derogative term for an original fan fiction character inserted by the author into an already popular series, usually to serve as some kind of wish fulfillment. Mary Sues typically have dramatic backstories, awesome names, unique looks, and more often than not, upstage the main characters. For example, say you wrote a Harry Potter fan fic and inserted your own original Hufflepuff wizard, and the story was all about how your wizard fell in love with Draco Malfoy and turned him into a good guy with the power of love. It’s that sort of idealized character inserted into pre-existing stories.

I don’t think I was ever that bad, but I loved creating my own original characters for all my favorite cartoons and movies. Join me after the jump to take a look at just a few of them, and feel free to share some of your own in the comments! No judgement.

Also, as Google has revealed, I was not the only person in the world to come up with these exact same ideas. But I was young, and the Internet wasn’t a thing yet, so forgive me if some of these ideas aren’t 100% unique or original. They were to me at the time.

6. Picasso the Ninja Turtle

Someone on the Internet gets me

Sadly, there isn’t much back story to Picasso. He’s basically just a ninja turtle with a yellow mask and a pair of kama blades. I don’t know the artist who drew the above picture, I just randomly found it while Googling. The Internet is apparently a small place when it comes to naming your fifth Ninja Turtle ‘Picasso’. I’m pretty sure the idea for Picasso came from either my dad or a poorly colored T-shirt, possibly both. Picasso doesn’t have a backstory, he doesn’t have a personality, he doesn’t have anything – just the yellow mask and the kama. Isn’t that good enough? Cut the guy some slack!

5. School Bus Transformer

Apparently someone from the Philippines had the same idea

That’s basically it: a Transformer who turns into a school bus. That’s the extent of my idea. At least Picasso had a name, putting him one up on this guy. But whereas there’s no chance in Hell of Picasso ever actually existing in the Ninja Turtles universe, the Transformers universe is so wide and varied, and filled with so many different robots, that who says they couldn’t somehow slip a school bus in there somewhere? Maybe when I’m a rich and famous writer, they’ll put me in charge of the latest movie, or the latest comic book series, or the latest cartoon relaunch; it could happen! And you better believe I’d bring along this fella.

Again, he doesn’t have a back story or a personality or anything. I just think a school bus is a very cool vehicle, and deserves to be made into a Transformer! Just think of how much room he’d have to hide limbs and body parts when he transformers? And school bus yellow is one of the greatest colors in the world.

What could his name be? Education? Bus Driver? Detention? Pencilneck?

4. Spider-Boy

Remember Amalgam? That stuff was awesome

Oh boy, this is a fun one. Spider-Boy is one of my first ever original comic book ideas. Spider-Boy’s origin was that he attended a science fair and was blasted by an experimental machine that was trying to replicate the powers of Spider-Man. The blast knocked him out a window (to protect his secret identity) and he decided to dress like Spider-Man and become a superhero.

The most important thing about Spider-Boy was his costume, and since it was the 90s, it was a horrible costume. I started with the classic black Spider-Man costume, then gave him a utility belt, like Batman, and visible web-shooters on both his wrists and his ankles. Visible web-shooters were all the rage in the 90s. And with a pair on his ankles, I pictured him swinging and doing all sorts of web-arobics from all four limbs.

The piece de resistance was a big, blue cape. Yes, a cape. I had no concept of how a cape would alter the physics of Spider-Man, I just had this bright idea to give Spider-Man a cape.

This was probably a better design than mine

Spider-Boy was not just a fan fiction concept to me. I was too much in love with him. I actually built a Spider-Boy action figure by taking the existing black costume Spider-Man figure and then salvaging the cape, utility belt and web-shooters from other figures. I wish I still owned that toy. And to take it one step further, I even sent a letter to Marvel Comic with a sketch I drew of the Spider-Boy, hoping they’d love it and put him in the next issue. And no, I wasn’t 5. I’m pretty sure my age was in the double digits.

3. Stormtrooper Bounty Hunter

So yes, basically Stormtrooper X

Someday, I’m going to make Stormtrooper Bounty Hunter happen. He doesn’t have a proper name yet (or at least I forgot it a long time ago), but he’s basically just a future version of Boba Fett. You all know Boba Fett, right? Most feared bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy? Well did you know that Boba Fett’s distinctive armor has its own deep history? It’s an old, re-purposed Mandalorian armor set from an ancient war-like race. It’s also incredibly iconic.

So I thought, sometime in the future, maybe a bounty hunter takes up an old set of Stormtrooper armor and makes his own distinctive, iconic look.

Considering how strongly Disney is trying to turn Star Wars into a viable franchise again, the series is ripe with potential for creators like me. In my mind, I picture Stormtrooper Bounty Hunter to be a comedic character, maybe a little like Deadpool. He shouldn’t be an exact replica of Boba Fett, with the dark mysteriousness. And Stormtroopers are inherently funny.

2. Dustin, the Animorph-Controller

Where’s this gritty Young Adult movie adaptation?!

This one will probably take some explanation – unless you henchies are as intimately familiar with the Animorphs as I am. I’d like to think some of you are.

Animorphs was a series of young adult novels in the 90s about a group of teenagers battling an alien invasion. The teens had the ability to transform into animals, hence the title. I loved Animorphs, and read pretty much every book that came out. And, of course, I was convinced that all I had to do was write to author K.A. Applegate and she would love my fan fiction idea so much that she would put it in the real books. I was a deluded child.

The evil aliens in Animorphs were called Yeerks, and the Yeerks were slugs who would crawl into a person’s brain and control them like a puppet. So the Animorphs often found themselves fighting people from the community, including their own loved ones. That was the drama of the series. A person who is being controlled by a Yeerk is called a Controller. Most Controllers were victims, forced into slavery by the alien invaders. But sometimes the Controllers willingly went along with the possession, choosing to side with the winning team in the whole invasion thing.


My character was a teen named Dustin, a Controller who had been taken over by a pacifist Yeerk. The pair formed a weird sort of friendship, in that even though Dustin was being controlled like a puppet, the Yeerk convinced him to act like he was a willing host. There were periods where the Yeerks were removed from the victims in order to recharge, and when that happened, victims who fought against the Yeerks were locked up in cages and mistreated, whereas willing Controllers were given a lot more freedom and were treated a lot better during the recharging. The Yeerk helped Dustin cheat the system.

Through a series of fortuitous events, that probably only worked in my head, Dustin also managed to get the power to turn into animals. At that point, Dustin and his Yeerk decided to rebel against the evil empire, and they joined the Animorphs as a spy. I had all sorts of ideas for Dustin and his spying. I think I even started writing my own Animorphs book to introduce the character.

Beyond Dustin, I came up with several other neat Animorphs supporting characters, but I think I’ve forgotten all of them at this point. In my mind, they would have teamed up to form their own group, the Othermorphs, kind of like of Legion of Substitute Heroes. It would have been glorious.

Now all I need to do is become a rich and powerful writer, buy the rights to the Animorphs and orchestrate a reboot/relaunch with my characters involved. That sounds reasonable, right?

1. Gary the Gray Power Ranger

I take comfort in knowing I was not the only one with this idea

Someday, somehow, somewhere, I am going to tell the adventures of Gary the Gray Power Ranger. If I had any drawing ability whatsoever, Gary the Gray Power Ranger would already be a webcomic on this blog. You have no idea how many times I’ve stopped and started plans to add webcomics. But like I said, I can’t draw, so you’ve all been spared.

The Gray Power Ranger (or Silver, maybe) started out as a serious idea I had at the height of my love for the Power Rangers in middle school – the Mighty Morphin’ era, of course. If you remember, the Power Rangers all drove giant Zord robots, which combined into the Megazord to fight the big monsters. And back in the original days, all the Zords were dinosaurs (sort of). You had the Red T-Rex, the Black Mastodon, the Blue Triceratops and so on.

Well several episodes of Might Morphin’ Power Rangers featured an extra Zord, Titanus, the Gray Brachiosaurus.

‘Dinosaur tanks’ is an idea that should never die

Titanus was used to form the Ultra-Mega-Dragonzord, the ultimate Power Rangers weapon. But Titanus never had a pilot, and I thought this was a huge missed opportunity! All of the other awesome robot dinosaurs had pilots, that was half the fun of Power Rangers! So why not add another one! Gary was another ‘teenager with attitude’ who joined the team and piloted Titanus.

I used to doodle the Gray/Silver Power Ranger all the time back in school. I wish I still had those doodles. I wonder if they’re buried in some box somewhere at my parents’ house. I would give anything just to flip through them again after all these years.

But enough reminiscing about the past! At the start, Gary was just a doodle and some daydreaming. But as time went on, and I got into writing comic strips in college, I decided to resurrect Gary as a possible comedic webcomic. The new Gray Ranger would be the janitor in the Command Center. He’d have the classic Power Rangers helmet, but his suit would be more like coveralls, and he’d be behind the scenes with a mop and bucket, cleaning up after Zordon, Alpha and that team of unruly teenagers with attitude. He could also be the mechanic on the Zords. And when called upon, Gary would have to drop everything and go get behind the wheel of Titanus, just so he could not get any of the credit when the Rangers saved the day.

I think it would be hilarious.

Again, since I can’t draw, I haven’t done anything with this idea – but who says there isn’t still time? The Power Rangers are still on TV, and Power Ranger nostalgia is at an all-time high! It’s ripe for parody! If there are any artists out there who want to work for free and draw a webcomic for a mildly popular geek blog, get in touch.

Surely someday, one of my dreams can become a reality. Maybe it’ll be the one about cleaning up Zordon’s fish tank.


I think this was one of my favorite Lists of Six! I haven’t shared these ideas with anybody, but I’ve had so much fun with them over the years. What’d you all think? Any of them sound reasonable, or are they all as hilariously bad as I think? 

And what are some of your idea original characters from over the years? I know you’re all just as creative as me! 


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Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. I don’t write any FanFiction but I do write a lot of characters who were originally just parallels of myself to escape the boredom of my young life.

    There is Kuruk, a gruff and tough 14 year old loner with a mysterious past, he has ash/fire powers and know a lot about the past 200 years and the occult. Almost like he was there, he gets caught up in the lives of two other superpowered young people, which lead to some fun and haunting adventures.
    A 20-something unnamed french musician who is being plagued my demons/ghosts, the only way to get them to leave is to play his trusty acoustic guitar, while hes on the run.
    A 17 year old who wakes up to discover he has superhuman abilities in the year 2032, but he is used by the government to fight in one on one wars with other superhumans for precious resources.
    There is Miles, a only person to ever have superhuman abilities, he is treated as a celebrity, with all his superhero adventures being staged to keep public interest so people can make money off of him but due to his monstrous appearance and powers, many see him a a freak and a monster.
    There are two centuries brothers who are a werewolf/vampire team who solve mysteries, the werewolf is the older more moral brother, while the younger vampire brother is more detached but controls himself better.

    And a lot, lot more than that. Unfortunately I just started college and don’t have any time to illustrate them.

    • Take it from me, friend, there’s plenty of time to do that sort of thing in college! Or at the very least, take the time to keep up with your hobbies and fun activities! Granted, my college experience might not be the most glowing, but still, don’t give up on your ideas and dreams!

      • Oh I definitely plan to keep writing even if it kills me. Although thinking about it the closest thing I have done to writing fan fiction is I came up with an idea for an episode of the upcoming Constantine show. I was watching fact or faked and I thought an episode of Constantine in this format where we follow some ghost hunters making a show and accidentally get joined Constantine hunting a real ghost

      • Hold on to that idea! You never know where you might be able to pitch it someday!

  2. I could picture Seth Green doing either Picasso the Ninja Turtle or the MMPR janitor/ Gray Ranger on Robot Chicken.

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