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I Mostly Like the New Batgirl Movie Costume

There’s really going to be a Batgirl movie coming out later this year. It’s going to star Leslie Grace, with a return of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon. Filming has started, so set photos have started leaking. Well this past weekend, Grace and Warner Bros decided to get out ahead of those leaks and just reveal the Batgirl costume to the world on her Instagram.

I like it, though I do think it’s a little too glossy in this picture. She’s a street-level vigilante, not a character in a parade. Still, the costume is clearly based on the Batgirl of Burnside era, which I loved. So I’m all for that as a foundation. It had some fun stories, some original villains, a great social life for Babs and much more. There’s also clearly a bit of original 1960s Yvonne Craig Batgirl in the costume, which I’m not as cool with. Let the past stay in the past. DC needs to stop mining their mid-1900s TV shows and movies. Make a clean break!


Leslie Grace Cast as Batgirl for Hopeful Movie

Looks like DC and Warner Bros are indeed going ahead with a Batgirl movie for HBO Max. That sounds good to me! They’re so serious about this project that they have actually cast Barbara Gordon. She will be played by Leslie Grace, who recently starred in In the Heights.

I remain a major Batgirl of Burnside fan

This also sounds good to me! Grace was really good in In the Heights and I’m sure she’ll be a fine Batgirl. Whether or not the project actually gets made is the other issue. DC have announced and abandoned so many movies that I’ve lost count. Heck, apparently that Nightwing movie is still happening? Who knows.

But Batgirl apparently has a screenwriter, a pair of directors and now a lead actor. So that’s all very hopeful, as far as I’m concerned!


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