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Jubilee’s Long, National Vampire Nightmare is Over!

Once upon a time, back when Twilight’s popularity was already waning, Marvel Comics had the stupid idea to revitalize their own vampire characters. They turned characters like Dracula into modern hunks, tried to come up with all new vampire lore, acted like these vampires were going to be a big deal in the Marvel Universe going forward, and basically made fools of themselves. Then they roped the X-Men into this madness.

Jubilee Powers 01

I”m sorry for making you remember

The only real consequenceof this legitimately stupid story endeavor was that Jubilee was turned into a vampire. She had lost her regular powers on M-Day and was just kind of hanging around for a bit with nothing to do, so Marvel turned her into a vampire.

That stuck around for years afterwards, even as the vampire fad mercifully faded away. Jubilee was a vampire in every comic she showed up in, including random ones like Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat.

Jubilee Powers 02

You were too good for this world, Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat

Wild stuff, right? And just so, so dumb. What business does Jubilee have being a vampire? It’s not like they really focused much on her even being a vampire. Writers gave her a magical amulet that let her go out during the day and just ignore a bunch of other vampire stuff. It was an albatross around her neck.

Fortunately, using the comic book magic of the Phoenix Force, Jubilee was restored to her old self in the latest issue of Generation X this week.

Jubilee Powers 03

At least she never gave up the yellow coat

Hooray for that! Normally I’m not a big fan of taking crazy steps to retcon the world back to the status quo, but this is one instance where it was the right choice. Jubilee as a vampire was dumb. Jubilee as Jubilee is great!

Our long national nightmare is over. Praise the Phoenix!


The 6 Best Trench Coats in Comics

No capes! Such are the immortal words of Edna Mode, someone who knew a thing or two about superhero fashion. But if you can’t wear a kickass cape to accentuate your costume, what are you supposed to do? How about the 21st century’s answer to the superhero cape, the trench coat!

Trench List 01


Tough, stylish, foreboding; the trench coat is a badass staple of fiction. From our Dick Tracys to our Sam Spades to the Gang on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. A good trench coat is a perfect fashion accessory, simulating the look of a cape but not being so on-the-nose superheroic. You can still wear a colorful costume and fight crime, but now you can also look super cool!

Join me after the jump for the 6 coolest trench coat-wearing superheroes!

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