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6 Video Games That Could Also Support Unfaithful, Live Action TV Adaptations

Video games are finally getting their due in the world of live action adaptations — but for some reason, the adaptation just isn’t done properly. People are really, really mad at the Halo show for the changes and choices they’ve made that differ from established lore. Even when the showrunners explain what they’re doing and why, fans are still angry.

Rare photo of Master Chief with his helmet on

And Halo isn’t alone. We had our first trailers last week for the upcoming Resident Evil adaptation on Netflix — which won’t have much to do with the pre-existing stories from the games. There will be some classic Resident Evil elements, like the zombies and Umbrella, but there will be all new characters, locations and storylines. So that got me thinking…what other video games could work for live action adaptations that don’t actually use the source material stories? What other live action game adaptations could veer wildly away from what fans actually want?

Join me after the jump for some franchises that would make for some pretty great live action adaptations, especially if the show doesn’t actually adapt the existing game story.

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Halo TV Show Incoming

The Halo TV show debuts on Paramount+ this week and I’m pretty excited. I know there are a lot of naysayers across the internet right now, but I think it looks good! I just want to see what they manage to pull off, with high hopes for some quality television.

I don’t see what the problem is with these trailers. I think the CGI looks good. I’ll grant you that I’m no master of the Halo games or lore, so I’m not at all bothered by the show going in their own direction storywise. I just wanna see a cool sci-fi show with the recognizable Master Chief at the center. I’m excited to see what happens.

Halo kicks off on March 25.


A Live Action Halo TV Show is Actually Happening

Halo is one of those products that has been in some sort of live action development for a million years. But we eventually got that Warcraft movie…and that Y: The Last Man TV show…and both of them bombed. But let us get our hopes up for Halo! On Paramount+!

I think it looks great! I’m not a particular Halo fan. I’ve played a couple of the games, back when I owned an X-Box. But it was never my go-to console, and Halo is not my go-to game. But I am always looking for fun new TV shows to watch. And I think this show looks awesome. The CGI looks good, Master Chief looks good, I’m always eager for more Bokeem Woodbine. Bring on Halo TV!

Halo debuts on Paramount+ on March 24.


Old School vs New. When classic videogames attack, who can defend us?

Another instant classic from Freddie Wong. Enjoy!

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