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6 Characters That Need Funko Pops (So I Can Buy Them)

The only Funko Pop character I own is the Green Power Ranger. I am a man who loves collecting pop culture memorabilia of my favorite characters…but for some reason, Funko Pop just doesn’t make my favorite characters. I’ll be the first to admit that I love a lot of obscure pop culture characters. But considering the thousands of Funkos in the world, have they really missed the exact characters I would buy and own?

So many options!

On my classic list of my all-time favorite comic book characters, only two of the six have Funkos — and they’re both Robin. More than half of the characters I added to the Honorable Mentions at that list do not have Funkos. Some of my favorite video game characters don’t have Funkos. It boggles my mind how few of my personal fan favorite characters have not been added to the master list of these fun little toys!

So let’s remedy that by making my personal suggestion of six characters that Funko needs to make — if they want to make me happy.

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Why Does Funko POP! Not Yet Have a Multiple Man?

Answer me this, Internet, why does the Funko POP! brand not yet make a Multiple Man figurine? Why does this insanely popular line of figures, which are only good for collecting as many as possible, not yet make one featuring a superhero whose sole power is to make multiple copies of himself?!

If superheroes are all about merchandising these days, how come nobody makes proper figures of the one popular superhero whose exact super power would cause collectors to buy multiple copies?


This guy, this costume

Look, I’ve complained about this before, but in the nearly six years since, this problem has not been corrected by toy manufacturers. They have not moved a muscle to remedy this very obvious issue.

Now I’m hoping Funko POP! can deliver where everyone else has failed. Maybe one of them Googles themselves a lot and finds this article.

Have you seen these things? They’re hugely popular. I own one for the Green Power Ranger, but I could easily see a susceptible toy-lover like myself just going nuts over these things if they made more characters that I liked. They have a few X-Men models, and they’re the perfect sort of no-nonsense collectible.


Cyclops was right. Pax Utopia.

But they haven’t made one of Multiple Man! It’s maddening.

They have Funko POP!s for everything from obscure Star Wars bounty hunters to A Bug’s Life to Gears of War to The Breakfast Club to random Star Trek aliens to so many Batman variants it’ll make your head spin. They have Funko POP!s for everything!

Do any of these characters have the power to duplicate themselves, thereby warranting the need to buy multiple copies of a single Funko POP!? Would anybody need or want to buy multiple copies of the Green Arrow Funko POP!? No! Of course not!

Listen, Funko POP!, I’m giving you this one for free. It’s a no-brainer. I will personally buy at least three of these things. Make it happen!

And while we’re on the subject, I’m also still waiting for that Multiple Man from Marvel Legends. My watch is never-ending.


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