6 Characters That Need Funko Pops (So I Can Buy Them)

The only Funko Pop character I own is the Green Power Ranger. I am a man who loves collecting pop culture memorabilia of my favorite characters…but for some reason, Funko Pop just doesn’t make my favorite characters. I’ll be the first to admit that I love a lot of obscure pop culture characters. But considering the thousands of Funkos in the world, have they really missed the exact characters I would buy and own?

So many options!

On my classic list of my all-time favorite comic book characters, only two of the six have Funkos — and they’re both Robin. More than half of the characters I added to the Honorable Mentions at that list do not have Funkos. Some of my favorite video game characters don’t have Funkos. It boggles my mind how few of my personal fan favorite characters have not been added to the master list of these fun little toys!

So let’s remedy that by making my personal suggestion of six characters that Funko needs to make — if they want to make me happy.

6. Dex-Starr

He needs a Snyder Cut addition more than anybody

Sadly, the various multi-colored Lanterns have fallen out of favor at DC Comics recently. But Dex-Starr is still an awesomely fun character! He’s a kitty cat who was abused and became so angry that he was chosen to become a Red Lantern! This violent, angry kitty needs a lot more attention.

5. Duke Thomas

I realize this costume wasn’t used very much, I just like it

There are a ton of superhero Funko Pops, especially the big names like Superman, Batman, Robin and the like. And there are a ton of superheroes who don’t have Funko Pops, so there are a lot of people I could name here. But if I were to get really specific, I’d want the Duke Thomas as Robin variant. There are a bunch of Batman and Robin Funko Pops. In fact, I’m pretty sure Batman and Robin were the first and second Funkos produced. And you can get all manner of variety of each. But they don’t yet have that brief period where Duke Thomas was sort-of Robin. I love that look and think it’d be great! And then Funko can make one of Duke Thomas as The Signal, too, if they want. But I’m a Robin man at heart.

4. Rexxar

Not enough Rexxar merch in the world

There are a billion and a half World of Warcraft characters out there and not all of them can get Funkos. But they’ve got a couple of the more famous characters, as well as a batch for the movie (which I enjoyed!). But my man Rexxar doesn’t have a Funko yet and that needs to be fixed.

3. Atomic Robo

Not enough Atomic Robo in the world, period

Just recently, I finally completed my tpb collection of Atomic Robo comics, and I can’t wait to dive in and read the last few remaining. Atomic Robo is one of those glorious indie comics that I wish had higher acclaim. Why it isn’t a Netflix cartoon yet is anyone’s guess. Also confusing is why it doesn’t have more merchandise! Atomic Robo, with his big round head, would be perfect for a Funko Pop!

2. Smoke

Where’s my Smoke story DLC?

My all-time favorite video game character is one of the forgettable and yet fan-favorite palette-swapped ninjas. He’s the gray one. He’s also sometimes a robot. Smoke has got one of the best backstories in Mortal Kombat and always needs more attention. He hasn’t been in a game in years and definitely doesn’t have a Funko.

1. Multiple Man and all my favorite obscure X-Men

He gets no respect

There are surprisingly few X-Men Funko Pops. I’m pretty sure that’s because Funko came to power during that weird period where Marvel was downplaying the X-Men because they didn’t own the movie rights. That’s a damn shame, because there are dozens of wonderful X-characters, and they’d look great as Funko! But of the few X-Men Funkos we’ve got, few of my favorite mutants made the cut. There’s no Multiple Man, no Mimic, no Blob, no Strong Guy, no Maggott, no Cecilia Reyes, no Marrow, no Ugly John.

And need I repeat myself every time this comes up: a Multiple Man Funko Pop would encourage people to buy multiple copies! That’s the whole point!



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