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6 Royal Ice Ladies Not Named Elsa

Do you want to make a Frozen-themed List of Six? Why yes, I do! And I’m not going to let this idea go! Or something. You all know the obvious Frozen puns. Don’t hold me to a high standard! Let’s just enjoy a list based on the release of Frozen II.

Ice Royalty List 01

Hopeful for love

I liked Frozen II. I didn’t think much of the original movie, but I’m fully on board with the campaign to have Queen Elsa come out of the closet, so these movies matter just enough to me that I wanted to do a List of Six! I think Frozen II was better than the first, though none of the songs are as memorable or as good as “Let It Go!”. But this list isn’t a review of Frozen II. This is a celebration of the very idea of awesome women with ice powers who happen to hold a royal or leadership position (even if in name only). It’s apparently so common that I was able to make a whole List of Six about it! How cool is that?

Pun intended. Join me after the jump for a bunch of other ice queens, princesses and martial arts masters who aren’t Elsa from Frozen!

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