6 Royal Ice Ladies Not Named Elsa

Do you want to make a Frozen-themed List of Six? Why yes, I do! And I’m not going to let this idea go! Or something. You all know the obvious Frozen puns. Don’t hold me to a high standard! Let’s just enjoy a list based on the release of Frozen II.

Ice Royalty List 01

Hopeful for love

I liked Frozen II. I didn’t think much of the original movie, but I’m fully on board with the campaign to have Queen Elsa come out of the closet, so these movies matter just enough to me that I wanted to do a List of Six! I think Frozen II was better than the first, though none of the songs are as memorable or as good as “Let It Go!”. But this list isn’t a review of Frozen II. This is a celebration of the very idea of awesome women with ice powers who happen to hold a royal or leadership position (even if in name only). It’s apparently so common that I was able to make a whole List of Six about it! How cool is that?

Pun intended. Join me after the jump for a bunch of other ice queens, princesses and martial arts masters who aren’t Elsa from Frozen!

6. Polar Princess

Ice Royalty List 02

You never need to know anything about her beyond this picture

What’s in a name? Royalty, apparently! Polar Princess isn’t an actual princess, but the name is enough to make this list (as well as a couple others). There isn’t much about Polar Princess on the web. She had a one-off appearance in a Savage Dragon comic a buncha years ago, a member of the superhero team The Centurions. Dragon ran into the team and their leader, Prism, while he was in Seattle…and that’s all the world knows about Polar Princess!

Look, it was either her or the completely naked frost fairy queen from Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. As fun as that would have been, I try not to post too much pervy comic nudity on this blog. Maybe that’s why my numbers are down…

5. Frost

Ice Royalty List 03

Elsa will never get to be a cyborg

Frost is the knock-off lady Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat series, because apparently Sub-Zero wasn’t enough of a frozen ninja warrior. She’s not a queen or a princess, but she was Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei for a short period of time — or, at least, the Cyber Lin Kuei. There have been so many retcons and altered timelines that it’s hard to tell, so we’re just going to go with it. Grandmaster is a pretty impressive title, almost like royalty!

4. Ice Princess 

Ice Royalty List 04

Of all the things Marvel has done…

Ice Princess was a member of the Femizons in the early 1990s at Marvel Comics. They were enemies of Captain America who wanted to take over the world and put women in charge. There were some more famous members, like Screaming Mimi, Poundcakes and Princess Python, but tucked away in the back of the roster was Ice Princess! She’s an Inuit with ice powers, because of course she is. I don’t know if she was Inuit royalty, so she honestly probably just wanted to call herself “princess” after Princess Python paraded the title around.

3. Ice Queen 

Ice Royalty List 05

Probably not a comfortable bikini

Remember Bomb Queen? That Image Comics book about a scantily-clad super-villain badass who ruled over her city back in the mid-2000s? Among the characters in Bomb Queen was Ice Queen, another ice royal in name only. Both were members of The Four Queens villain team before Bomb Queen came out on top and took over New Port City. Ice Queen has…a pretty tragic story. She was disfigured by Bomb Queen, kidnapped by the government to turn into a weapon, forced into gender reassignment surgery to become a man, lost her powers, became Bomb Queen’s love interest, betrayed Bomb Queen to become Bomb King to rule the city instead, and was then defeated by Bomb Queen and frozen into a statue as the ultimate insult. This all sounds…really intense. Such were mid-2000s scantily-clad Image comics.

2. Ice 

Ice Royalty List 06

Not too creative on the name

Ice is one of the most famous ice-powered superheroes in comics. She’s a longtime member of the Justice League (on occasion), and has a famous team up with her BFF Fire. But did you know that Ice is royalty? Tora was the princess of the isolated, magic-wielding Norsemen, the daughter of their king. They lived in Norway, and Tora was eventually allowed to leave the kingdom and explore the world. She became a superhero, joined the Justice League and the rest is history!

1. Frosta

Ice Royalty List 07

Not the best princess

Are you watching She-Ra and the Princesses of Power? It’s probably my favorite show on TV these days, if we consider Netflix TV, which I do. Such a great, well-made show. Frosta is one of the afore-mentioned Princesses of Power, a squad of powerful princesses who rule over the different kingdoms on Etheria. Frosta rules over her frozen kingdom as the youngest of the Princesses. She’s hyper and tough-as-nails, eager to please and be helpful to the others, to a fault. She was in the original She-Ra cartoon, but why bother looking that up when we’ve got the new one? Frosta is full-on ice-wielding royalty, putting her at the top of the list!


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