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Pixar’s Elemental Looks Pretty Bland

The next Pixar film is called Elemental, and we got the first full trailer today. It clearly looks like a movie where someone said “what if elements had feelings”. And then they whipped together a pretty bland and basic script about love interests from different families getting together, despite being told that their kinds don’t mix.

Elemental looks really, really bland. The two main characters look bland. Their families look bland. Their conflict looks bland. Their world looks bland. Why make a joke about chain link fences not mattering to elements? Why not make a world so amazing that it doesn’t need chain link fences? Why not do something that actually involves elements instead of just using them as unnecessary metaphors?

I dunno. I’m not a Pixar filmmaker. But Elemental is what they’re sending to theaters on June 16.


What If Elements Had Feelings?

Pixar is going to keep making movies, and we’re going to hope they’re good. The next one is called Elemental, and it’s apparently going to be about a hot fire elemental lady and a sexy water elemental dude falling in love. Can fire love water? I guess we’ll find out in Elemental!

I kid, because it’s funny. Isn’t that how the gags work with these types of movies? What if cars had feelings? What if toys had feelings? What if a little robot had feelings? Well now we’ve got anthropomorphized elements! Fire, water, dirt; all the elements. I bet they have really powerful feelings!

Elemental comes out in June.


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