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I’m Finally Getting Hyped for Dune

I have been skeptical about the upcoming Dune movie in the past. I never read the book and if I ever saw the original TV mini-series, I don’t remember. But after some positive reactions to Dune‘s international release, I’m getting excited for this movie.

I think I have a handle on what the trailers have been telling me now. It looks exciting. It looks big. I’m definitely going to see this one in theaters. And I really am hoping for the best!

Dune comes to theaters and HBO Max on Oct. 22.


These Dune Trailers Remain Impenetrable to Me

I have no connection to Dune. I never read the books and, if I ever saw that original movie, I have no memory of it. I know that the words “space” and “ancient sand worms” are part of Dune, and that’s about it. So when I say this new trailer looks impenetrable, I want you to know that’s coming from someone who is not a superfan of Dune.

I’m a big science fiction fan. I’m fairly excited to go see this movie. But man, I can’t make heads or tails of this trailer. There are so many characters, planets, governments, twists, monsters, armies; it’s madness! And if I’m having this kind of trouble, what about regular people who aren’t already leaning towards seeing this film in theaters?

Dune looks to be as about as ambitious as movies can get…but I fear for what that will mean for regular moviegoers.

Dune comes to theaters on Oct. 22.


Dune is Going Big or Going Home

There’s a new adaptation of Dune coming out sometime soon — though probably not as soon as currently scheduled, because of the pandemic. But we’ve got our first trailer for the highly anticipated film.

I say “highly anticipated”, but only because I know other people are highly anticipating it. I don’t have a care one way or another. I’ve never read the book and, while I’m sure I saw that first movie at least once, I have no memory of it. So I have no personal connection or degree of excitement regarding Dune.

And, honestly, from that perspective, this trailer is wild and meaningless. It’s a bunch of nonsense. All except for that sandworm scene at the end. That was pretty badass.


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