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Go for Papa Palpatine!

The cool dude behind Tell It Animated has tackled Emperor Palpatine for Star Wars Day, and I should have posted this yesterday! It’s another fun dive into the looks of one of Hollywood’s greatest villains!

I’ve never been much of a fan of Sidious, but I have grown increasingly curious about his early years. I guess there might be a novel or two out there that covers it. I would love to learn more about what he was like as a younger man. He seems pretty normal in The Phantom Menace. How did his Sith mentor find him before the Jedi’s regular Force-sensitive child searches? How did he take to Sith training to get where he is? Was he always into politics or did he get into them because his boss told him too? I think it would be really interesting!

Anyway, another great job by Tell It Animated!


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