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Deadpool 2 and Cable, Too!

Not too long after we got our first looks at Domino for the upcoming Deadpool sequel, but here’s actor Josh Brolin as Cable! Quite fancy!

Cable Movie 01

And here he is again!

Cable Movie 02

Looks fine to me! Not sure how Cable is going to fit into the Deadpool movie, but then I suppose people have been wondering that about Cable and Deadpool comics for years! I’m sure they’ll make it pretty awesome.


New X-Force, Because Why Not?

I thought about complaining how team comics never last long enough for their membership to really gel, to really come together as a solid cast of characters with relationships and friendships and drama. But then I realized that my favorite comic, X-Factor, has done just that over the past 5+ years. So moot point.

The real point is that there’s going to be a new X-Force in Marvel NOW! Marvel is ditching the Wolverine-led black ops team angle and going with Cable and friends on the run as some kind of fugitives. And now we know Colossus comes out OK from Avengers vs. X-Men.

Which one is Keyser Soze?

So we’ve got Cable, Domino, Colossus, Forge and Doctor Nemesis…who is looking a little worse for wear. What the hell have they done to Nemesis? They do know he’s supposed to be this 100+-year-old scientist/curmudgeon, right? Now he looks like an anime character. Still, it’s nice to see Forge back in action, and I like the orange/silver/gray look they’e got going on.

The premise sounds cool too: they’re going to be wanted fugitives for a reason we don’t yet know, on the run from more prominent heroes. That could be a pretty cool storyline. It’s also going to be drawn by Salvador Larocca, a favorite artist of mine.

But then we come to the big problem: It’s going to be written by Dennis Hopeless. He gave an interview about the series here.

Now I have never read anything that Hopeless has done. I don’t know what kind of writer he is, or how good his comics might be. But I do know that he is also the writer behind Avengers Arena, the comic that’s going to be about killing fan favorite characters as wantonly and as indiscriminately as possible. And any writer who brags about how his comic is going to feature deaths already gets a black mark in my book.

But we’ll see. I think I might check out this new Cable and X-Force series.

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