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Even More Video Game Trailers!

A bunch more video game trailers came out of E3 this weekend, and I’m the sort of guy to share them all on a lazy Tuesday!

Like, how about Fallout 76?

Looks like fun! I’m always down for a new Fallout game. Word has it this is going to be some kind of multiplayer survival game. Not sure how that will change things with the normally single player series, but we’ll see. I’ll probably be down either way.

Then we got a trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, which will take place in Ancient Greece.

I love me some Ancient Greece…but really only the mythology. And I doubt the new assassin is going to fight the chimera or ride Pegasus. He’s probably just going to fight Templars, like normal.

Still, I very much enjoyed Assassin’s Creed: Origins, so I’ll probably give this one a shot as well.

There was also another trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2!

Since I did go ahead and buy that Playstation 4, this game is on my radar again. I still don’t think it has anything to do with the original Beyond Good and Evil, but whatever. They can make any game they want and tangentially connect it to any previous game they want as far as I can. Just make it good!

Man, there were so many trailers I don’t have the time or energy to share them all. These are just the games I’m most interested in that I saw. There’s also a Resident Evil 2 remake, some new footage from that upcoming Spider-Man game, and there was even footage of The Last of Us 2 — though I didn’t watch that, because I have yet to play the first The Last of Us. It’s sitting on my desk right now, right next to my new Playstation 4. I’m building myself up for it.


They’re Finally Making That Beyond Good and Evil Sequel, but Are Ditching the Only Thing We Remember

Not to brag, but I liked the original Beyond Good and Evil game before it was cool. I was a Playstation 2 man back in the good old days of 2003, and I remember seeing an article either online or in one of those old gaming mags that listed BGAE as something like ‘the best game you’ve never heard of’. So I went out on a whim, picked it up and loved the heck out of it! It was a great game.

Which is why everybody has hanging on every word of a potential sequel for years now. We enjoyed the game and would like to continue playing as the heroic Jade, the photographer/ass-kicker protagonist.

Well finally, at E3 this week, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was properly announced! But here’s the weird thing…it’s going to be a prequel. No Jade.

That doesn’t make any sense to me.

Does anybody remember anything about the “mythology” of the original game? All I remember is that it was a fun game with a cool main character, who fought bad guys and took photographs on the side. And she had a pig-man sidekick. I don’t remember anything about the planets or the galaxy or the government or the society. I don’t remember anything about what they plan to build this prequel on.

It’s been more than 10 years. We all wanted a sequel, sure, but why take away the most iconic thing about the original game? Especially when that was badass, cool female protagonist?

BGAE Jade 01

We all remember her

Can it really be considered part of the same franchise if everything is different? Sure, this prequel has apparently got talking pig-men, but that’s hardly unique to this game alone. They’ve got those in Angry Birds.

The game engine is going to be different. The gameplay is going to be different. The characters and concepts are going to be different. The people making the game are going to be different.

Is this just a company banking on a popular name brand? Banking on the idea that all us video game nerds kept the hope of a sequel alive all these years?

Stupid world. This is why we can’t have nice things.


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