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I Am Ready for the Barbie Movie

Man, I cannot wait to see what the heck the Barbie movie is going to be. We’ve got a new trailer and it provides a lot more detail and depth to what’s in store. I am so ready for this movie. I am ready for this to blow my mind. And hopefully I’m not hyping it up to myself too much.

This looks great. I love the aesthetic. I love the existential crisis. I love the storyline potential of “put this doll back in the box.” And here’s hoping that Will Ferrell is playing a live action version of Lord Business from The LEGO Movie.

The Barbie movie looks great and I can’t wait to do the Barbie/Oppenheimer double feature on July 21.


The Barbie Movie is Gonna Be Bonkers

The Barbie movie is coming out soon and it promises to be crazy. We still don’t really know what the movie is going to be about or what it’s going to be like. But this first full trailer does offer plenty of glimpses, as did a whole bunch of hilarious character posters.

Is it going to be satire? Is it going to be existential? Is it going to be The LEGO Movie over again? Who knows! But it’s a stacked cast. It’s got Greta Gerwig in the director’s chair. And I can only hope it’s going to live up to all its bonkers hype. It definitely looks carefully and perfectly orchestrated as is.

The Barbie movie comes to theaters on July 21.


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