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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 1/18/14

Holy cow, you guys, the Blob is back! The Blob! Not the Age of Apocalypse Blob, or skinny Blob, or powerless Blob, but the real, regular, normal, 616 Blob is back in all his glory in this week’s issue of Uncanny X-Men! With no explanation whatsoever, Brian Michael Bendis just brings back one of my all-time favorite comic book super-villains! And he’s great! Oh man, I hope Bendis has some fun plans for the character!

But the return of the Blob does not win Uncanny X-Men Comic Book of the Week on its own. No sir. Uncanny X-Men wins that title for an absolutely amazing Magneto story, which catapults him to maybe the most badass mutant on the planet these days. If his upcoming solo series is anywhere near as good as this issue, then we’re all in for a treat.

Fortunately, we’ve also got good issues of Thor: God of Thunder, Superior Spider-Man and some other titles this week. I even picked up Skyman #1 by Dark Horse!

But man, I’m so excited for the Blob!

I love the Hawaiian shirt, the sunglasses and the goatee; I love’em!

Comic Reviews: Amazing X-Men #3, Green Lantern Corps #27, Skyman #1, Superior Spider-Man #25, Superman/Wonder Woman #4, Thor: God of Thunder #17 and Uncanny X-Men #16. 

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2013: The Year of Iceman

Websites across the Internet are all doing their year-end wrap-ups right about now, and while mine is coming, I wanted to first take a special moment to praise the standout comic book character of the year: Iceman!

There were a ton of great comics released this year, and I’m sure everyone has their favorites, but I don’t think any comic book character had a better year than this frigid freedom fighter!

Watch out for that bridge!

I have always been a huge Iceman fan, and there have been times when the character was just flat-out ignored for some reason or another. But ever since the early 00s, Iceman has been a tried and true background member of the X-Men. And all of that hard work and effort paid off in spades this year. Iceman appears in almost half of the various X-books, and while he’s usually still just a background supporting character, he has become the go-to guy for light-hearted humor and character.

The X-Men are serious business, but Iceman always keeps things chill.

Join me after the jump for some of Iceman’s finest moments this year!

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 12/7/13

Last week was a monster week for comics, so it stands to reason that this week is kind of light on the funny books. I’m not complaining, mind you. My wallet thanks the comic book gods. But it means there weren’t many books to choose from for this week’s review list. Still, there were some important issues, like the final issue of Fearless Defenders, which goes out exactly how it lived. And the first issue of Inhumanity, which turns out to not be what I expected, at all – and I mean that in a bad way.

This is also the week where I start to turn against Green Lantern. I wanted to have faith in Robert Venditti and the new creative teams, but I just don’t think I can agree with what he’s doing on a moral level. You’ll see when you get to the review…

Fortunately, it wasn’t all bad comics this week! Superior Spider-Man remains strong, and I decided to check out Green Arrow after a long time away. I’m glad I did. The comic looks to be almost as good as the TV show. But the winner of the coveted Comic Book of the Week is Amazing X-Men #2 by Jason Aaron. He definitely seems to be having fun, especially with Storm.

Comic Reviews: Amazing X-Men #2, Fearless Defenders #12, Green Arrow #26, Green Lantern #26, Inhumanity #1 and Superior Spider-Man #23.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 11/9/13

Welcome back to another round of reviews, Henchboys and Henchgirls! We’ve got a pretty standard week of books, though personal favorite Captain Marvel makes a big return after months of being buried in crossovers and tie-ins. Of course, now the comic goes on hiatus for four months, because, as always, we can’t have nice things.

But at least Forever Evil, Green Lantern and Mighty Avengers are all pretty entertaining, and we’ve got the debut of Amazing X-Men #1! No doubt Nightcrawler fans are bursting at the seams to see him come back from the dead. Personally, I’m just wondering why this story needed a whole new superfluous X-Men book.

Comic Book of the Week goes to the pretty great Captain Marvel #17. Don’t stay gone for too long, Carol!

Everybody loves a good butt joke

Comic Reviews: Amazing X-Men #1, Captain Marvel #17, Forever Evil #3, Green Lantern #25 and Mighty Avengers #3.

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