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Multiple Man Did Not Really Return…Yet

Awhile ago, we were teased that Multiple Man would return in the pages of Astonishing X-Men #2. I was foolish enough to get my hopes up. The way Astonishing X-Men was being talked up as a big, important book made me think that anything was possible! Why not bring Multiple Man back from the dead after only a year or so? It would be fun!

But nope, he’s not really back.

Madrox Not Back 03

He got a costume change after dying

Sorry to burst everybody’s bubble, but the Multiple Man that appears at the very beginning of Astonishing X-Men #2 is just an illusion created by the Shadow King after the X-Men travel to the Astral Plane.

He plays the chorus in a stage play about the X-Men that the Shadow King is putting on.

Madrox Not Back 01

He did the thing he’s known for!

That’s about it.

So he’s not back from the dead. Though Rogue does drop a possible hint that there’s still hope.

Madrox Not Back 04

Don’t give me hope, Rogue

I think I’m going to hold on to that hope. Just for a little while.


Look Who is Maybe Coming Back!

This probably counts as a spoiler, but I don’t feel like putting it after the jump, so sue me. As part of the big X-Men push, one of the upcoming comics will be a relaunch of Astonishing X-Men. Personally, I don’t see why this comic exists.

But now I do. Behold this Tweet from senior editor Mark Paniccia about a guest appearance in Astonishing X-Men #2!

Look who is back!

Madrox Returns Maybe 01

You’re god damned right that’s Multiple Man!

Dead only a few short months ago in Death of X #1, I’m quite curious under what circumstances my all-time favorite comic book character is back. Is it really him and his death is being undone? Is it a dupe? An alternate reality?

I wasn’t planning on touching Astonishing X-Men before, but I damn sure am now! Expect a full report on Madrox’s return once the information actually becomes available.


The X-Men Assembly Line

This is bugging me more than it should. It’s been bugging me all week as Marvel has slowly revealed the roster of their newest X-Men comic. I just want to write this down so I can refer back to this article as many times as I might need to as it keeps repeating in the years to come.

This week, Marvel unveiled the lineup of the new Astonishing X-Men comic by revealing two characters at a time over the course of several days — even though they didn’t do this when they announced the rest of the ResurrXion comics. For some reason, this one is super special.

The full title, lineup and premise was revealed on Thursday.


There are more details at

The reason this has been bugging me is because of something I’m going to call ‘The X-Men Assembly Line’. This is where Marvel takes the X brand, adds any one of a number of available suffixes, adds a random adjective at the top and then assembles a random assortment of perfectly ordinary X-characters and calls it a complete comic.

Look at that roster and tell me that couldn’t also qualify as Uncanny X-Men or Extraordinary X-Men or X-Force or Uncanny X-Force or X-Factor or Wolverine and the X-Men or any other possible X-title?

They have been doing this like clockwork every year or two for what has probably been forever, but what feels really common in the past few years.

They already have it planned for 2017.

They did it in 2015.

They did it in 2013.

They did it in 2011.

They did it in 2008.

I’m pretty sure it’s been happening nonstop since at least E is for Extinction in 2001.

It’s the same thing, over and over again. Marvel just churns them out. Slap a bunch of characters together, call it an X-Men comic and let a writer or two putter around for a year or so. Throw in some classic villains. Maybe a random romance while they’re at it. Remember when Iceman and Kitty Pryde were a couple? Remember when we had two, simultaneous versions of X-Force? Remember when Rogue put together a team with Mystique, Sabertooth and Lady Mastermind?

I just want stability. I want team rosters to matter and character relationships to exist beyond a single writer’s whims. When was the last time we had a new character relationship as interesting or as exciting as Scott and Emma? When was the last time any of the X-Men characters actually developed a fun and meaningful friendship with another?

I just want X-Men comics to be good again.

I also wouldn’t mind if Multiple Man and/or Mimic showed up in one of these random rosters for once!


2013: The Year of Iceman

Websites across the Internet are all doing their year-end wrap-ups right about now, and while mine is coming, I wanted to first take a special moment to praise the standout comic book character of the year: Iceman!

There were a ton of great comics released this year, and I’m sure everyone has their favorites, but I don’t think any comic book character had a better year than this frigid freedom fighter!

Watch out for that bridge!

I have always been a huge Iceman fan, and there have been times when the character was just flat-out ignored for some reason or another. But ever since the early 00s, Iceman has been a tried and true background member of the X-Men. And all of that hard work and effort paid off in spades this year. Iceman appears in almost half of the various X-books, and while he’s usually still just a background supporting character, he has become the go-to guy for light-hearted humor and character.

The X-Men are serious business, but Iceman always keeps things chill.

Join me after the jump for some of Iceman’s finest moments this year!

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