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Sessions with Stan Lee

This cartoon is making the rounds and it’s pretty fun! It’s a speech by Stan the Man about the power of cuss words, recorded by collaborator Aron Fromm. And it’s animated by Richard Plata, among others. Pretty fun stuff.

And it’s the perfect sort of easy thing to share on this, the day after Thanksgiving. I’m relaxing at home and trying to decide how soon is too soon to watch the new episode of The Mandalorian


My 6 Favorite Comic Characters Created by Stan Lee

Stan “The Man” Lee passed away this week at the age of 95. He had a good, long life, full of imagination and storytelling, two things I hold very near and dear. Not only was he instrumental in revolutionizing the comic book industry — which dominates my life, hopes and dreams — but he’s been enjoying a delightfully fun resurgence in pop culture over the past two decades with his movie cameos.

Stan Lee is a legend. And the best way I can honor him is by geeking out over some of my favorite comic book characters!

ABC's "Fresh Off the Boat" - Season Three

1922 – 2018

I never had the pleasure of meeting Stan Lee. I think the most I ever managed was seeing him board an escalator at New York Comic-Con once. That’s good enough for me. I’ve never been one for hero worship, especially with famous people and celebrities. But there’s no denying that Stan Lee created a fictional world that means everything to me, and has inspired me to dedicate my own life to creating awesome fictional worlds. Gotta give the guy props for that.

So join me after the jump for my favorite Stan Lee creations in comics! And please feel free to share your own in the comments!

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Without Further Delay, I’m Back!

Sorry henchies! I was on vacation this weekend visiting my friends in Boston! It meant I was away for a few days without new blog content, but I’ve got some cool news to announce in the coming weeks! Set your radars for ‘Exciting Henchman News!’

For now, though, I figured I’d ease myself into being back home (at back at work) with some funny Internetting! How about some Key & Peele?

Poor Stan Lee! He’s so beloved, but oh so silly in this day and age. He himself is a glorious throwback to the Golden Age. Every time I hear news that some company has teamed up with Stan Lee to create some new superheroes, this is exactly what I expect it’s like. Does anybody remember Striperella? What about Stan Lee Media? I love those guys for their ridiculous attempts to sue Marvel for ownership of Spider-Man and Co. just because they were once partnered with Stan Lee. They’re always good for a laugh.

As are Key & Peele!

Stan Lee Teams Up with 5-Second Films!

Have you ever watched 5-Second Films? They’re hilarious! Want to make them even more hilarious? Add Stan Lee!

Seriously, go watch some more of these and waste your whole day!

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