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I Didn’t Know This About the Statue of Liberty

It’s a lazy Monday and I’ve decided to school you all about the Statue of Liberty, with help from Internet sensation CGP Grey. I’ve only shared a few CGP Grey videos on my blog, but the guy is a genius and I should do more educational stuff.

Imagine if my blog was a place of learning and education! That’d be nice.


Internet Genius Tries to Explain Learning Robots to Idiots Like Me

CGP Grey is probably one of the smartest dudes on YouTube. His videos are great! If you’ve never wasted an afternoon binging CGP Grey, now’s a good time to start.

Especially with his new video explaining how machines learn!

Now you can go forward into your day knowing more about computers and robots than you did yesterday. Congratulations!


Let’s Think About Death a Little Bit

CGP Grey is a pretty popular and intelligent YouTube personality, but he doesn’t release very often. When he does, it’s pretty great…except this time he’s talking about death. That’s pretty dark, man.

Oh wait, he’s talking about immortality! That’s a little more exciting!


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