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Starting the New Year With Some Legit Awesomeness

This is a fine how do you do. I’ve been writing this blog for nigh on to a bunch of years now. Once upon a time, I thought it might make me a big deal, but it hasn’t really caught on with anybody important. I just write my stuff and hope that you good people read and enjoy.

Well check out this surprise when I ordered some Spider-Woman trade paperbacks this week.

SpiderWomanBlurb 01.jpg

Also, rare appearance of my thumb

You can double check the book’s Amazon page if you don’t believe me!

I loved Dennis Hopeless’ Spider-Woman comic. I was going to make it my favorite comic of 2017 before I checked and saw that only a couple issues came out at the start of the year. It’s a great comic and I stand by that blurb on the cover!

I’ve been blurbed, people! Blurbed! It truly is an honor.


New Twitter Handle: @seanianmills

Hey everybody! Just a little social media update for anybody interested. Since I started this blog and first joined Twitter all those years ago, I have used the handle @hench_4_hire. I didn’t understand Twitter at the time. Those underscores are pretty gnarly. But the full “Henchman4Hire” name was already taken by some yahoo who wasn’t using it, so silly old me went with that mouthful of a backup.

I stink at Twitter. But it’s a pretty important social media in this day and age, so I’m going to try again. I will still use @hench_4_hire to post blog-related stuff on Twitter. But to post about my burgeoning career as a comic book writer, along with personal anecdotes, I’m going to use a new handle.

Follow me @seanianmills

Icon 02

Or don’t. I’m a blog writer, not a cop.

I’m not claiming it’s going to be the hottest handle on Twitter or anything. But I’ve never liked @hench_4_hire, and I’m a terrible procrastinator, so it’s taken me this long to finally put my foot down and make some positive changes!

Follow me this weekend for my trip to New York City for Flame Con! Should be a fun adventure!



Feelin’ Fine!

Hey everybody! You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything since Wednesday, including my weekly comic book reviews. Don’t worry, everything is pretty fine now! Turns out I had a touch of pneumonia and spent a couple days in the hospital recovering.


These things happen. They suck, but they happen. The hospital treated me well, gave me some antibiotics and now I’m back home, pretty much right as rain. I haven’t yet figured out how to make blog posts on my phone, so I didn’t bother with anything during my stay — and I know I missed some good trailers!

So forgive the slowness of updates over the next few days. Just readjusting to life on the outside again!


Say Hello to Henchie!

Say hello to Henchie, the new Henchman-4-Hire mascot! I’ve been meaning to create my own iconic mascot since I started this blog upwards of six years ago, but through sheer force of laziness, it never happened! But jokes on you, Past Sean, because the future is here and the mascot is now!


Maybe he’ll get a real name someday

Henchie was designed and drawn by artist extraordinaire Gemma Moody, the artist on my comic series, Gamer Girl & Vixen. I knew she was the perfect choice to draw a fun and friendly mascot. She’s superb! And she’s open for commissions if you’d like your own artwork!

Sometime soon — probably tonight (Update: or right now, actually, I got tired of waiting) — I’m going to add Henchie to the blog. I’m going to change some colors around and add a new header image at the top there. I may even do more changes beyond that in the future, depends on what random whims control my destiny.

For now, say hello to my own original blog mascot! All my pinks are especially tickled that I now have my own Henchman-4-Hire!


6 Pop Culture Resolutions for 2015

Welp, 2015 is here and I’m still fat and broke. Guess my resolutions for 2014 didn’t pan out…again! I did a little bit better with my pop culture resolutions last year, some of which actually came true. So I thought I’d go ahead and make this a new, annual tradition!

Plus this is definitely the year I get in shape and get rich!

I swear by all that is honest and true!


There’s a lot in store for us in 2015, one of the biggest pop culture years in a long time. Not only is Avengers 2 hitting the big screen in the spring, but the year’s going to end with the Star Wars relaunch. How cool is that? We’ve got great TV shows, great video games, great comics, and great everything else. But how great can they be? What do I hope to see in 2015? Join me after the jump to find out!

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