Secret Invasion is Looking Cool as Hell

The next Marvel Disney+ TV show is Secret Invasion, a show where Nick Fury returns to stop a secret, shapeshifting Skrull invasion. It worked in the comics, and it looks like it’s going to work on TV. This new, full-sized trailer shows off a really cool, really dark world of spies and aliens and one badass Nick Fury.

I really like the look of this show. I know, shocking, right? I’ve loved every Marvel show so far, and I’m going to love this one too. The action looks good. The intrigue looks good. The cast is stacked. The only quibble I might have is that this trailer is focused so much on Nick Fury and doesn’t even tease the invasion itself. That’s an interesting choice, but probably an obvious one.

Secret Invasion is coming to Disney+ on June 21!


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  1. Didn’t the “Captain Marvel” film changed the Kree-Skrull War from a grey conflict where both sides were assholes with the Kree being the lesser asshole to “the Kree are the bad guys and the Skrull are a persecuted species at the borders of extintion that just want a planet to call Home”?
    How will the go from that to Secret Invasion?

    • From what I’ve gleaned about Secret Invasion so far is that, since the Captain Marvel movie took place in the 1990s, it’s been 30+ years of the Skrulls living on Earth and they still don’t feel like it’s a proper home. And a splinter group of Skrulls has decided to be a lot more aggressive/sneaky/invasiony about their goals.

  2. I like this blog for a variety of reasons, one of them being that you seem to actually like the things you say you like and hope that they are good instead of the overwhelming negativity that seems to be the current norm from everything’s “fanbase”.

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