Two Great Bug-Themed Superhero Movie Trailers!

There have been a whole bunch of new trailers released over the past few days, possibly to get out in front of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie. That’s great news for me, because I love trailers! And here come two great ones!

First up is the new trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. We get a bigger look at the worlds, we get our first look at the Spot, and we get some good looking conflict.

Looks great to me! There seems to be a lot going on, perhaps too much, based on this trailer. But I’m confident they’ll put it all together. Looks like Miles wants to save his father at the cost of saving the multiverse, and Miguel doesn’t want that to happen. Makes sense. But the animation looks beautiful. The Spot looks fun. The kajillion Spider characters are a hoot. We get our first look at Scarlet Spider!

This movie doesn’t need trailers. It’s going to be fire no matter what. Can’t wait! Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse comes to theaters on June 2.

Next up is the first trailer for Blue Beetle, our first look at this movie, and I think it looks good. We get a lot of flavor and character in this Blue Beetle trailer, and I like what I see.

I’ll admit, this trailer does seem to hit all the familiar beats of a superhero origin story. But the charm outweighs the tropes for me. Xolo Maridueña looks like he’s having fun as Jaime Reyes, and I love the family feel. George Lopez looks especially fun. And I think the Blue Beetle effects look really good. Blue Beetle looks like a fun movie. Can it overcome the DC curse that killed Black Adam and Shazam 2? We’ll find out. I think it looks good.

Blue Beetle comes to theaters on Aug. 18.



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