6 Thoughts on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

I have a new favorite! She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been getting a lot of flack for reasons that make no sense to me. This show was everything it said it would be and more, and everything I wanted it to be. Funny, charming, full of personality and perfectly built around a very fun main character. I want to see Tatiana Maslany and Jennifer Walters everywhere now.

TV Show Rating: 10/10 – Fantastic

Once upon a time, I didn’t think She-Hulk would work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I didn’t think the MCU Hulk could translate into a She-Hulk movie. Thankfully, the world changed and the Disney+ TV shows changed everything. The creative team behind She-Hulk: Attorney at Law used the TV format to perfection to bring this character and her unique perspective to life. I want production to start immediately on season 2!

Join me after the jump for my full thoughts and review of the first season of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Expect FULL SPOILERS. And feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments!

6. Everything I wanted it to be

Fine purple suits

Everybody has been saying for years that the MCU needs to branch out from action movies, and I completely agree. A ‘superhero’ movie is not a genre in and of itself, and there are so many creative people working in Hollywood that it should be easy and a lot of fun to take existing comic book characters and put them into different genres. The TV shows, so far, have been doing a great job with it. Ms. Marvel was more of a teen coming-of-age story, while Werewolf By Night was a classic horror flick. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law promised us a half-hour legal comedy and that’s exactly what we got. And that’s exactly what I wanted it to be.

I didn’t expect this show to be the next lynchpin in the ongoing Multiverse Saga. I didn’t expect some grand exploration of the Hulk. I wanted to see She-Hulk practicing superhero law and that’s what we got. I would have liked even more courtroom scenes (even if they were hardly accurate to real courtrooms), but I was also happy with the character exploration and growth. I was also happy with the comedy, which was right up my alley with its one-liners, asides and character-based humor. The fourth-wall breaking absolutely worked for me. This show was the whole package.

5. She-Hulk’s character development was a master class

That curly hair was always on point

The best part about the show was how expertly it tracked Jennifer Walters’s character growth, episode-by-episode. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was, first and foremost, a show about its main character. Then it was the legal sitcom. Then it was a superhero show. Jen remained front and center the entire time, and I loved watching her growth into accepting and embracing She-Hulk. Each step of her process can really be tracked. She rejected She-Hulk and wanted nothing to do with her in the first episode. Then when she’s forced to embrace it for her new job, she slowly begins to accept and love the persona, up to fighting to have it in court against Titania.

But even as she starts to go full-speed ahead on She-Hulk in her dating life and at the wedding, she still gets pushback. All leading to the retreat, where group therapy helps her find balance and peace between Jen and She-Hulk. Then that balance finally has her going out as a superhero in the next episode, where she also met a man who appreciated her as both (and just happened to be Matt Murdock!). Finally, in the last episode…

4. That finale was next level

I hope they filmed in the real reception area

I did not know what to expect for the season finale, but it definitely wasn’t that insane, fourth-wall breaking masterstroke of a story wrap up. I loved every second of She-Hulk busting out into Disney+ and confronting both the writer’s room and the Marvel Formula itself. Jen had so completely accepted the balance between her two personas that she stepped out of her own show to argue her awesomeness to Kevin Feige himself (essentially). She argued that her show was about her and not the typical superhero spectacle. That was insanely cool. I loved the chutzpah of taking this swing, of going this far outside the envelope. That kind of crazy is exactly my kind of crazy, and all the fourth-wall breaking throughout the series was a nice build-up to that finale.

I already knew She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was hovering in my top three favorite Marvel Disney+ shows, and that finale solidified it at No. 1 without a doubt. Perfection.

3. I didn’t mind the CGI

Looks fine to me

Was the CGI on She-Hulk perfect in every single scene? Nope. Did I care overall? Nope! That kind of thing doesn’t bug me, especially not when the show around it is so much fun and being done so well. Plus, I’m getting old, and have been wearing glasses for essentially my whole life. I don’t have 4K vision as it is, so I probably wouldn’t be able to tell between perfect and near perfect CGI anyway. So I was fine with what we got.

2. The cameos were excellent

The greatest ‘ship in the MCU

On top of being a funny half-hour legal sitcom, I was also looking forward to how She-Hulk would tie into the greater Marvel Universe. In the comics, She-Hulk is able to interact with any superhero the writer ones, typically. But that is far more limiting with the MCU. Robert Downey Jr. isn’t about to pop in to get legal advice as Iron Man. But what we did get was wonderful! Obviously I enjoyed the big appearance from the likes of Hulk and Wong, but I also super enjoyed the smaller appearances by blokes like Porcupine and Man-Bull. Those were some deep digs, and the show did great with them. Likewise, Leapfrog was a hoot. The show was given a lot of freedom, clearly, and they used it well, in my opinion.

And oh yeah, there was also an appearance by freakin’ Daredevil! The cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home was fun and all, but we got both Matt Murdock in court and Daredevil in superhero team-up action in this show! Such utter perfection. Now we can all watch Daredevil: Born Again in a couple of years and wait eagerly for Jen Walters to make a cameo.

1. I want She-Hulk in everything

She can be at my wedding!

I already mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, but I want She-Hulk on the official Avengers roster by the time we get to Kang Dynasty. I want her interacting with the likes of Shang-Chi and Falcon and Thor. Maslany gave such a fun and engaging performance, I want to see her interact with more Marvel people. We’re at the Phase 1 stage again. Marvel has set up all of these awesome superheroes, and soon it will be time to bring them together in a single Avengers movie. I hope She-Hulk is along for that ride! I hope she guest stars in whatever Incredible Hulk movie Marvel is working on. And I hope we get a second season of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. I want Jen to open up her own law firm helping superheroes, with Pug and Nikki and good times for all!


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  1. COMPLETELY agree with everything you’ve written here. This is why I follow your blog!

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