Creed III Looks Neat

I didn’t even know they were making another Creed movie. I liked the first two, so I guess why not make a third? And this one is going to be directed by Michael B. Jordan, so that’s fun for him. And it stars a badass Jonathan Majors, so perhaps we’ll get a glimpse of what his Kang the Conqueror will be like?

I dunno. It just looks…like not much? Like just another episode of the Creed TV show. It goes this whole trailer setting up this rivalry between the two characters, and how much you want to bet that rivalry ends with a boxing match? So be it.

Besides, nobody is old enough yet to come back and make the Drago movie series. Gotta wait until Jordan is an old man so that he can come back and mentor Ivan Drago’s grandson. Then the circle will be complete.



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