Nope, I Still Don’t Care About Morbius

The Morbius movie has a new, extra-large trailer and it does nothing to get me excited for this movie. If anything, it underlines how basic and boring this movie looks. The reminder at the end that it’s coming out in January is all I need to know that this is gonna suck.

The movie feels very basic. There’s the white male lead character, the POC best friend character, and the female love interest. The trailer is very clear about highlighting his super powers, as if anybody goes to a superhero movie because the powers seem cool. The dialogue is hokey, including that Venom joke. I’ve seen both Venom movies. Venom is not well known enough for people to be making Venom jokes like that.

Morbius just doesn’t look good. And I never thought it would be. But I am more than willing for it to prove me wrong when it comes out in the middle of January.



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  1. I totally agree with you. I am old enough to have seen Morbius from my teens and to my adulthood, and I never liked him.

    As I have gotten older, I have found certain judgements made when I was younger have stood the test of time. It is usually things I did not like. For example, I am supposed to feel sorry for Morbius, but I never did. When I was 11, I thought, hey this guy did illegal experiments on himself to save his life and all that happened is that he killed a lot of innocent people. Why am I supposed to feel bad for him?

    That judgement has never changed. In the 1970s, Marvel even cured him just to get rid of the character and give him an undeserved happy ending. It didn’t stick, but if there was never another Morbius story, would anyone care?

    I certainly am not going to see the movie. The character isn’t tragic. He is selfish, dangerous and responsible for so much death, pain and suffering. So to hell with him.

    Also, I really liked the Green Lantern annual this year. They did something that rarely works in comics. There twist move to put a character in another lane actually worked. The twist wasn’t a stunt with no logic or smarts. It was actually a well thought out plot built on history and character that gives Jessica a place to go and not be another face in the Green Lantern crowd. Because once she overcame her anxiety, there was no place for her to go.

    I would actually like her to get her own book. The potential is there. How will she handle Sinestro? Her new Lantern partners? Will she be seduced to the dark side? Will she help others be better Yellows? Would she actually like being Yellow more than Green? How will Simon act?

    See, places to go. As opposed to her staying Green. What makes her stand out and what does DC do with her and the 467 other Earth lanterns, let alone all the other Greens.

    I am interested in what you have to say. My only fear is that is Jessica gets a book, it will be more of the same – different hued Lanterns fight each other rather than , I don’t know, actual villains.

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