Oh Baby, That is a Sweet Multiple Man Cover

I am very excited that Multiple Man, my all-time favorite comic book character, is finally going to return to ongoing comics next month with X-Corp. The real and proper Jamie Madrox hasn’t been in comics since 2013, when X-Factor ended! Then Marvel killed him in 2016 and then replaced him with a surviving duplicate in 2018. It’s been a long, horrible road for Multiple Man fans.

But X-Corp is coming. And in July, we’re going to get this sweet cover by artist David Aja for issue #3.

Oh baby. That’s just…ooo…I’m getting chills here. David Aja is an amazing artist. He was the guy behind the Hawkeye series that I still consider to be the best comic book series of the 2010s, and some of those covers are great!

Here’s the issue blurb for X-Corp #3.

He’s everywhere you want to be. He’s never not in the office. And his direct reports always fall in line. How does X-CORP meet their nearly impossible quotas with maximum synergy and minimal bandwidth? They’ve got Dr. Jamie Madrox, and he’s the world’s best boss.

I love it! He’s a doctor now? Sounds damn good to me! I can’t wait to see this series live up to the hype of the cover art.

And that’s it! Marvel revealed this cover in their July solicitations yesterday and I just had to share. It’s choice.


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  1. And now I need that tie.

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