Good News, Everybody! New Multiple Man Comic!

We all kind of hoped it was inevitable, and the big reveal is here: Multiple Man is coming back with his own solo comic book series! Multiple Man #1 will debut in July, the first of five issues. It will be written by Matthew Rosenberg (who is also using Strong Guy and Wolfsbane in New Mutants), with art by Andy MacDonald.

Multiple Man New Comic 01

I love wildly inventive/minimalist covers!

Welp, I’m thrilled! This is exactly what I want! I’m not too familiar with Rosenberg’s work, or MacDonald’s, for that matter, but this interview with paints Rosenberg as a pretty awesome fellow.

“If I were smarter I’d probably say some nonsense about how this was all about the duality of man and the Jungian archetypes that exist within us, how they are often oppositional, and how the ideas of who we are existed before us and continue beyond us. Maybe the book is about what we leave behind in the world for the people who love us and the people who don’t, and how that story is never a complete picture. But, honestly, I just like Jamie Madrox a lot and I raised my hand in a meeting at the Marvel office and said, ‘What if he wasn’t dead?’ and then they asked me to make up how that would work. And so… here we are. Dude’s not dead.”

Sounds good to me!

Some basics about the book: Jamie Madrox isn’t dead yet from the Terrigen Mists, and why he’s not dead is going to drive some of the book. Rosenberg isn’t going to use Layla Miller, at least not right away, but he is going to use Jamie’s friends from Rosenberg’s New Mutants comic. So a bit of boo with all the yay, but I can live with that as long as we get proper Multiple Man back!

This is thrilling news!


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