6 Random Star Wars Characters I Want the Mandalorian to Meet

The Mandalorian TV show finally featured Ahsoka Tano in her highly anticipated cameo appearance. It was great and I loved it! This season also saw appearances from Cobb Vanth and Bo-Katan, two other Expanded Universe characters brought in from other media. As a long time Star Wars fan, I think this is a great use of the EU!

She senses much fear in you

The Mandalorian is a show where our hero, Din Djarin, and his kid sidekick, Baby Yoda, travel to different planets and help out random characters that they meet. Mostly this involved brand new original characters — which is perfectly fine — but this season has featured plenty of pre-existing Star Wars characters. I would love for that to continue and have plenty of ideas of my own for cameos!

Join me after the jump for six pre-existing Star Wars characters that I would love to see show up on The Mandalorian! Expect some SPOILERS for recent episodes. And feel free to share your own character ideas in the comments!

6. Sabine Wren

Look! The Dark Saber! It’s all connected!

I very much enjoyed Star Wars: Rebels and would love to see plenty of characters from that show make an appearance in The Mandalorian. Hera Syndulla would be a great choice, especially since Star Wars is seeding her into a lot of properties, like the new Squadrons game, and her ship, the Ghost, appeared in the movie Rogue One. But for my money, I’d rather enjoy seeing Sabine Wren show up on The Mandalorian…largely because she is a Mandalorian. But Sabine is also really fun with her love of painting and artistic expression. I think that colorful of a character would do well against Mando.

All that being said, I don’t want Ezra Bridger to show up on The Mandalorian. We know, based on Ahsoka’s appearance last week, that she’s continuing her journey to find Ezra, spinning off the Rebels series finale. But I do not want The Mandalorian to become that storyline. The Mandalorian is its own show. It should not become a spiritual sequel to a previous show.

5. Bossk

Probably still annoyed at Boba Fett

Bossk is a fun guy. Sure, he’s not a bounty hunter on the same level of Boba Fett, but he’d be great in that bully/asshole role against Mando. Theoretically, at some point, Mando will get back to doing some bounty hunting. Or surely, at some point, Moff Gideon and the Empire will put another bounty on him and/or The Child. So why not send Bossk after them? Put them up against one of the best, most famous bounty hunters in the galaxy. Really delve into what it means to be a member of the Bounty Hunter Guild.

4. Mara Jade

The fandom is not ready

Want to mess with fandom’s mind? Introduce Mara Jade! For those who don’t know, Mara Jade was a major part of the old, pre-Disney Expanded Universe. So major, in fact, that she was Luke Skywalker’s wife! And they had a son! She was hugely popular and was a main character for a very long time. There’s never been any hint of her in canon…so why not introduce her now? Obviously we know she’s not part of older Luke’s continuity in the sequel trilogy, and that will just mess with fandom’s minds even more! Sometimes I just want to watch the world burn!

3. Tag & Bink

They seem to be close to Chewbacca

Tag and Bink are two bumbling characters who keep finding themselves in trouble in the background of the original trilogy. I believe they started as rebel soldiers on the Tantive IV before winding up on the Death Star posing as Stormtroopers. And Star Wars has been trying to fit them into something for years. They were going to cameo in the movie Solo but their scene got cut (they did end up in the novelization). I think The Mandalorian would be a fun place for them to finally show up. The show could use some levity, and making Tag and Bink part of Gideon’s Stormtrooper ranks would be fun!

2. Voort “Piggy” saBinring

We need more weird characters in Star Wars

I’ve been re-reading the old Wraith Squadron novels recently, largely for the trip down memory lane. I also found out that a fourth book was published only a few years ago, and that was a fun revisit. One of my favorite characters in the series is Piggy the Gamorrean starfighter pilot. Voort “Piggy” saBinring is a Gamorrean who was experimented on by the Empire to try to create a smarter alien. The experiment worked too well and he became a mathematical genius who defected to the New Republic, where he was trained to fly an X-Wing. He’s a fun character, a great flip of the script when it comes to those big, green, pig guards outside Jabba’s Palace. He’s exactly the sort of weird character that would fit into The Mandalorian. Also, we saw some Gamorreans in that fighting ring in the first episode of season 2, so they’ve got the costumes lying around! Just put one in a pilot suit and an X-Wing!

1. Luke Skywalker

Perhaps you’ve heard of him?

This is the idea that inspired this list. In the latest episode of The Mandalorian, Ahsoka advised Mando to take Baby Yoda to a Jedi-sensitive planet and reach out through the Force, and perhaps a Jedi would show up to help. Speculation is running wild on the internet of who this Jedi could be…and I want it to be Luke Skywalker. I think it’s the sort of bold choice that The Mandalorian is capable of, and would be a surprise nearly on par with Baby Yoda himself!

There’s no reason it can’t be Luke Skywalker. It fits in the timeline. We know from the sequel trilogy that Luke attempted to rebuild the Jedi Order, so he’s looking for more Jedi. He’s years away from turning on Ben Solo and going into hiding. And he’s someone that general audiences will recognize immediately. Casting is already taken care of with Sebastian Stan. The internet is already thrilled at how closely he resembles a young Mark Hamill, and Hamill has given his seal of approval. And Stan has spent the past year or so already working for a Disney production with his Falcon and Winter Soldier show. Why not pop over to the set of The Mandalorian for a day of filming and Luke Skywalker shows up at the very end of the final episode of the season, blowing everybody’s minds!


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  1. I really cannot wait for the rest of season 2, its gonna be a blast!

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