Some Maniac Has Decided to Bring Back the Original Robin Costume

A crime has been committed against fashion! Through a flashback in Batman #104, released today, we can clearly see that Dick Grayson’s original Robin costume has been added back to continuity. Short shorts, bare legs and pixie boots included!

Oh those accursed skinny chicken legs!

Oh what a horror! What a shame! Why must we suffer like this? The New 52 brought on a much cooler, more modern take on Robin’s original costume. It’s a little busy, but it works! And surely it’s better than Robin ever wearing that original 1940s get-up, right?

I get that nostalgia is strong in comic fandom, but come on! Can’t we all agree that the original Robin costume went a long way towards turning the character into the laughing stock he is with the mainstream public? Can’t we all recognize that that costume belongs in the past where it was created?

Robin deserves better than to be reminded of the worst fashion choice in the history of comics, no matter how classic it might be.



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