Robin’s Pixie Boots Are No More!

Today’s Nightwing #0 retells the origin of original Robin, Dick Grayson, and it reveals that the old, classic Robin costume of pixie boots, bare legs and green short shorts is not part of the New 52 rebooted universe! This is awesome news! Granted, it’s not going to suddenly change public perception of Robin, but it’s a strong step towards finally putting that embarrassing costume away for good.

Behold, the new original Robin costume!

Superhero artists love to add arrows that point to the crotch

Personally, I think it’s a little too futuristic. Batman is still wearing a pretty standard costume, design-wise, so why Robin suddenly has to have all these curves and rounded edges is beyond me. But I still like it. I like it loads more than the original Robin costume.

There are a few other new wrinkles to Dick Grayson’s origin, but I’ll consider them spoilers and put them after the jump.

Oh pants and boots, glorious pants and boots!

These are small changes and don’t really alter Dick Grayson in any way, so they’re all good to me. I’m really starting to get more into Dick Grayson recently, though Tim Drake is still my favorite Robin. His origin is going to be told next week in Teen Titans #0. But more on that later.

Let’s see, about Dick:

  • He became Robin at age 15, as opposed to being around 10-years-old or younger. So Batman didn’t put a little kid in the line of fire.
  • The name ‘Robin’ comes from his mother, who loved robins (the bird) and called Dick her ‘own little robin’.
  • He never caught Tony Zucco, the man who killed his parents. Or at least they didn’t mentioned it in this issue.
  • Dick figured out all on his own that Bruce Wayne was Batman, Bruce didn’t reveal himself. Dick figured it out through reading both Bruce’s and Batman’s similar body language. Similar to how Robin John Blake figured it out in The Dark Knight Rises.
  • Dick and Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) never had a relationship. That’s kind of sad.
  • Robin’s first costumed outing was against the assassin Lady Shiva. In the old continuity, it was Tim Drake would had the history with Lady Shiva.

And those are pretty much all the changes. Also, I don’t think Nightwing ever had a blue costume, which is fine. Making red the Robin uniform color works just fine for me. I’m not bothered by this change in Nightwing’s costume.

So yeah, consider me a still happy Robin fan. Though stay tuned for a post later this week that might change that…

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  1. come on Lobdell, it’s all on you. Don’t throw this in the trash! Show us you can write something gritty and emotional

  2. I actually think during the circus storyline they mentioned he caught Tony Zucco. Might have been while he was talking with whats-her-name on the train before Barbara Gordon shows up. I could be wrong, but they definately mention Tony Zucco during the storyline being dead.

  3. At first I was a little bit worried that they could change some essential aspects of my favorite character’s past. But I liked this edition! The new uniform is much better. His origin had always been almost unaltered since his creation on 1940, until now…Also, considering the actual context of the society in general, those changes fit very well in my opinion.

  4. I’ve always loved Robins green suede boots from the 1966 tv show starring Burt ward ” I’m a big collector of Robin action figures only because of his green boots and the costume , I’m not a fan of the new robin style of costume with the long pants and long boots .

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